Thursday, 24 January 2013

Style Inspiration: A New Year, A New Watch

It is still January, so I can still technically be writing New Year posts, right? I've already written about how I feel the new year calls for a new pair of shoes, but recently I've found myself looking at peoples wrists when I first meet them. We're all familiar with the now classic arm party by now, but I now have a new obsession to spy; beautiful chunky watches. I think the reason I'm so obsessed with other peoples wrist wear at the moment, is I know I won't ever wear a big chunky watch myself; I hate having something bulky weighing my wrists or hands down (I don't wear rings either, and the big bandage currently adorning my left index finger as the result of a rather interesting incident while I was out to brunch one Sunday morning is driving me up the wall!); I'm perfectly happy with my tiny Citizen dress watch thank you very much!
While fashion styles used to be in Vogue, now I think it is more about the very metallic, classic everyday but still chunky watch (you can get lots of designer styles on sites like this), as shown here on Brooklyn Blond. I love how her watch is an understated part of her look, by itself and not highlighted, but it perfectly balances out the bracelets she is wearing on her other wrist, and the shot just would not seem the same without it. Think styles by Chanel and Michael Kors (their iconic rose gold watch would be perfect to achieve this look with.)

Do you like to change up the styles and fashions with your watch, or are you a 'one and done type' of girl with your wrist wear? (Also, kudos to those of you who can tell me what hit ABC show I have lifted that expression from!) 

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  1. I'd feel lost if I wasn't wearing a watch! I own two, a chunky everyday one and a thinner, more classic one for evening/formal outfits.

    Louisa's Notebook

  2. I need to hear about your finger. Email me what happened! And I LOVE chunky watches. The bigger the better I say!