Monday, 11 February 2013

Outfit Post: Yet More Stripes On Santa Monica Beach

My name is Rachel and I am a stripes addict. Yes, I thought it was about time I admitted it. The location for todays outfit post is down on Santa Monica Beach, during a walk along the beach from Venice Boardwalk (after emerging from an absolutely amazing brunch at The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, I've got a post about it ready for you guys later this week) up to 3rd Street for Pinkberry and a trip to the J.Crew store. I know stripes are usually my go to outfit when it is warm, so sorry for being a bit predictable! However, I was pushing the boat out a little here; the stripes are in mint, rather than my usual cream. I know, shocking!
Striped Top: Gap, Shorts: J.Crew, Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen c/o  Sunglasses Shop
My partner in crime over the week in LA most of the outfit posts and the restaurant reviews you've been seeing recently, the week they were all shot; Evie, my friend from London via Berkeley (near San Francisco) was visiting for a week, hence the back to back adventures! She is wearing a rather lovely vintage skirt and top ensemble in this photo, and you can see the rest of her LA outfits over on her blog. Also, now we have a front on image of this rather lovely Gap striped number, how awesome are the vertical striped pockets at the front?
I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I could have a beautifully hot and sunny day at the beach in January or February if I wanted to. I did not envy the surfers though; the water was bloody freezing!

When was the last time you were at the beach - I'm guessing for everyone back home in England, it must have been the last time you were on holiday somewhere hot or sunny, if your answer is after September last year!


  1. Janine BakeGlueandTrend11 February 2013 at 07:22

    Lovely outfit and your photos are sooooo making me want to go back to Los Angeles (especially the second photo - we had some great fun in the pub on that little row of shops in the bottom left of the photos haha) The last time I was on the beach was at the end of September when we went to Greece and it was sooooo hot, they were having a heat wave. But it was a watersports holiday so luckily most of it was spent in the sea windsurfing and paddle boarding which kept us cool.

    Right that is it! I have decided we are going back to LA for Mr Bertie's 30th this year!! He is 30 in May, what is the weather like in June? Is it too hot? We came in October 2011 (for my 30th haha) and there was a heatwave (We have a habit of travelling places when they are having a heatwave, better than going somewhere when it is raining!) it was around 38 degrees C every day and over 40 degrees C up in the Hollywood hills and when we went to Universal Studios was just mentally hot. I am not sure why but I coped really well with the heat in LA (apart from at Universal Studios when I felt I might die of it lol) it feels like a different heat there and everywhere is so well air conditioned that you can get instant relief by popping inside.

    I am going to look at flights tonight, how exciting!! :)

    Janine xx

    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  2. I was at the beach 10 days ago and these pictures are making me want to go back - especially since we woke up to snow this week!! Love the stripes on you, and really love those shorts too.

  3. Love this outfit, I am jealous of your sunshine!

    Maria xxx

  4. I'm so jealous right now! There you are having fun on the beach in the middle of February while I'm freezing at home, watching a snow storm that has decided to hit us again today. :D

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  5. Jealous, I adore Greece but I have not been for so long...

    Honestly, I have only been living in Los Angeles since September, so I don't have a clue what it will be like in June, but judging by the blistering heat still in September when I arrived, and the fact I took these photos, albeit on a hot day in January, I'm guessing its going to be hot! If you need any places to visit or restaurant recomendations when you arrive, by the way, make sure you check out my Los Angeles section!:

  6. Gorgeous photos, i wish it was summer, though i feel i have a while to wait :(

  7. You looks fab as always and i can`t wait for summer:(

    i love bella 6004

  8. I live in Venice, and don't go to the beach enough!! Can't wait for it to warm up just a bit :) Cute shirt, mama!

  9. I want your life. That is all.

    Jo x