Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Style File: Pre-Summer Swimwear

Among my most popular blog posts from last year was my post featuring different Summer swimwear options for girls with a bigger bust, and while I will be doing a 2013 edition of that post in due course I am aware that the bigger bust problem is not something all of my readers share with me, so I thought I'd put together a post of ladies bikinis and swimwear styles that I would be lusting after if I had a hope of hell of getting into, for the rest of you! (I am rather excited about putting together the bigger bust feature this year, as I actually have a beach to go to down at Santa Monica and a chance to wear some of the styles I'm going to feature!)
Urban OutfittersTie-Front Bandeau Bikini Top: $36,  Urban Outfitters High Waisted Bikini Bottom: $42, Lolli Pelpum One-piece Swimsuit: $100
J.Crew Graphic Dot Underwire Bikini Top: $54, J.Crew Graphic Dot High Waisted Briefs: $50, J.Crew Stripe Bandeau Stripe Swimsuit: $94, J.Crew Ruched Underwire Swimsuit: $98, J.Crew Off-The-Shoulder Swimsuit: $118 

While I doubt I'll fit into any of them, I'm still going to go and try on some of J.Crew's amazing swimwear range if I see them in store. Maybe the Santa Monica branch, or the new expanded one at The Grove? While I think the one with the most chance of fitting me is this beautiful off the shoulder number, I have unhappily fallen head over heels for this cute dot print style and the matching high waisted bikini briefs. Lucky for some of you, this style comes in a whole spectrum of colours. Oh how I wish for a blue and a lilac one...
Homeboy Bandeaux Multicoloured Bikini: £35

While if you are someone like me and tend to buy plain swimsuits to wear in the pool at home when it is just me, and have one nice one for when I have people over (this is my current one from Figleaves) or I'm sunbathing on the beach in the one or two days of real sunshine we get a year in England you might go for investment styles, but if you are someone who lives somewhere with a beach (like everyone here with me in Los Angeles at the moment), or someone who is always jetting off to exotic bikini clad locations (I'm not the only one thinking of Rose here, right?) I think cheaper, more fun and funky bikini's are the way forward so you can have loads of them (why is it quality swimwear has to be the same price as, if not a bit more than good lingerie ) I love this USA flag style from Homeboy, and ASOS always have some fun ones.
Norma Kamali Ruched Halterneck Swimsuit: £295 / $350, Norma Kamali Walter Mio Ruched Bandeau Swimsuit: £300 / $350, Norma Kamali Bill Halterneck Bikini Top: £185 / $215, Norma Kamali Bill High-Waisted Bikini Briefs: £150 / $175

Finally, while I don't think I'll ever spend that much money on a swimsuit, I could not finish up this post without telling you all about Norma Kamali which I first came across on Net-A-Porter last year who I think make the most divine and flattering swimsuits ever. I just love all of their characteristic ruching and high waisted styles.

Obviously my Californian readers will have a beach to head to, but are any of my European readers heading off somewhere hot and sunny this Summer you need to go swimsuit shopping for?

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  1. I bought a polka dot, pin up style, high waist bikini last year and adore it . I really want a one piece with a vintage feel but Im 5'11 with a long torso and having some trouble finding one:) xx

  2. It snowed in London this week. I need it to be summer. These are absolutely gorgeous! Love those last ones. The high waisted ones are amazing.

  3. I won't be needing any swimwear this year since I live in Iceland but these are so cute! I love the high waisted bottoms! :)

  4. Oh my goodness I love them! The first set of swimwear is perfection!! Especially the high waisted bikini bottoms oh my I think a shopping trip is in order! Thank you!xx

  5. I was so excited I forgot to add my blog link haha, here it is:

  6. omg i LOVe the US flag one!


  7. Absolutely adore the J.Crew Ruched Underwire Swimsuit! Somehow don't think I have the body to pull something like that off though! X

  8. I love the top of the first picture! the striped bikini..!