Thursday, 2 May 2013

20% Off Advertising On Rachel Phipps With Passionfruit Ads

In case you have not noticed yet, Rachel Phipps now looks a little different. While I tried to do it myself and ended up tearing my hair out yelling at pages of HTML code, I ended up hiring the amazing Gloria at Little White Whale Design Studio to install a special navigation bar at the top of my site. Now at the top of the page you'll find links to my style posts, my recipe index, a holding page for my new 'Cocktail Hour' column of cocktail recipes I'm going to be launching in July, a drop down menu of my 'Places To Eat' restaurant review columns by city, and a drop down of my travel articles by destination. On a quick design note, if you are looking for someone for any web design or coding projects, big or small I would really recommend Gloria; she was quick, speedy, good value for money and knew exactly what I wanted based off of my clumsy email description!

Anyway, this funky new navigation system which I keep gazing at with a smile on my face (I'm a web geek like that!) has opened up more space in my sidebar so I can really start to take sponsors for my blog. I've always offered ad spaces in 6 and 12 month blocks to brands and clients, but not really advertised the fact. (If this is something you would be interested in, get in touch with me via email!) However, I know buying space in bulk like this is not what everyone, especially small bloggers and businesses want, so I've recently installed Passionfruit Ads on my site, and they are actually pretty awesome; they have such an easy and slick interface. 
You can buy ad space in my sidebar for 30 days at a time using the buttons above using Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal (no more messing around with Paypal invoices!) and I have 8 slots available; four big banner ads like the ones I have in my sidebar currently (these will replace most of the current ones), and four small 148x148 (it means I can have a 4px gap in-between and make everything look pretty!) below these, with the option of my adding more of these smaller, more affordable spaces if they prove to be popular.

A bit more for potential advertisers, you want to know who you are reaching. Rachel Phipps readers are mostly female, and mainly fall into the 16-28 age bracket. About half of them are British (mostly from London), about a quarter are from the United States (mostly from Los Angeles and New York City) with a healthy scattering around Europe, too. Rachel Phipps readers love shopping and spending time with friends, either over a cup of coffee or checking out the newest 'it' restaurant to open in their area. They also love to travel and read about how to improve their own blogs (quite a few of them write their own), enjoy indulgent baking projects at the weekends and also like to know how to throw together a quick and simple meal mid-week.

To celebrate the launch of these ad spots, I've put together a promo code (another thing you can do with Passionfruit!) giving everyone who buys advertising in the month of May 20% off their purchase, and I will also feature your blog/ small business on the Rachel Phipps Facebook Page, on Twitter and in my 'Weekly Love' column on May 17th or 31st. Just enter NEWSPONSOR when prompted!


  1. OOOOHH I am buying myself a spot as soon as I get back home and sort out my ad! Very exciting :D xo

  2. Let me know how the checkout process goes; I only really know a lot about the publisher side of Passionfruit!