Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How To Make Fresh Pasta + Fresh Pasta with Courgette & Lemon

Did you know how stupidly easy it is to make fresh pasta from scratch? If you can bake bread, you can make pasta, and vice versa. When I'm bouncing around ideas for my Borough Market column each month I usually send about six recipes with different themes attached off to the market, but when I was pitching the first part of June apparently my sheer enthusiasm for showing people how to make fresh pasta won my editor over instantly. This month I'm showing you all over on the Borough Market Blog how to make a super simple (but impressive looking) light and seasonal supper for friends. Fresh Pasta (usually boring, but it has dinner party kudos when you've made it yourself) with Courgette and Lemon, followed by a refreshing Elderflower Granita.
How To Make Fresh Pasta with Courgette & Lemon 3
How To Make Fresh Pasta with Courgette & Lemon 2 How To Make Fresh Pasta
I first learnt how to make homemade pasta last Summer at the Underground Cookery School, and before then I did not really see it as something simple that could be made at home. You can keep dried out fresh pasta in an airtight container for up to a month, so it is a fun project to keep for a rainy day, then keep to enjoy later.
How To Make Fresh Pasta 2 How To Make Fresh Pasta 3 How To Make Fresh Pasta 5 Grated Courgette & Lemon
Some of you who have been around here a while might think this courgette pasta recipe is a bit familiar, given one of the very first recipes I ever posted here, my Pasta with Courgette, Lemon and Chilli from October 2012. I do still rather love that super simple and delicious pasta recipe, but for shop bought pasta. I felt like fresh pasta needed something a little more simple and paired down to really help it shine as the star of the show.
How To Make Fresh Pasta with Courgette & Lemon
To check out my step by step directions to making your own fresh pasta at home (no pasta machine required!) head over to the Borough Market Blog. Also, click through here for my equally simple, delicious and rather refreshing recipe for Elderflower Granita. Have any of you made your own pasta before at home? I want to make one with herbs in the dough next. 


  1. I would love to make fresh pasta, hoping to finally give it a go this summer!

    Maria xxx

  2. Good luck, and I'd love to know how it turns out!

  3. I have tried making pasta from scratch but holey moley the arm power you need to get it really thin! It tasted ok - it was a wee bit think - but I think a pasta machine is a good investment if you have weak arms like me! I do like this recipe though; I may cheat and buy the pasta this time :)

  4. This is a favourite in restaurants but normally with a bit of crab and chilli. Looks yummy and Delia eat her heart out fresh pasta too Lucy x