Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Marmalade Brown Bread & Butter Pudding

Over Christmas I spent a lot more time at home than usual. And by that, I mean not really leaving the house unless it meant to buy food. While towards the end I did start to will it to be January again (self employed lesson number one: taking the week before everything winds down for the holidays off to go to France is an error. You'll be bored by the end!), it did mean I had a lot of time to do things in the kitchen I don't normally have time to do. One of the things that usually falls to the wayside with me is dessert.
Bread & Butter Pudding

I think about what I'm going to eat for dinner, but not what I'm going to have to follow. In my archives you can find recipes for fruit crumbles, cheesecake cups and various homemade ice cream flavours, but none of those really scream 'Winter', do they? I was craving something warm and comforting, and I ended up concocting this bread pudding which while I thought I came up with the recipe off the top of my head, I clearly watched too much Jamie Oliver over the holidays, and used his chocolate and marmalade combination as inspiration. Dark chocolate adds indulgence, and the (very seasonal at the moment) marmalade adds sharpness and tang. Using brown bread instead of white or brioche stops the pudding from becoming too sweet.
Single Serve Dark Chocolate & Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding
Baking Single Serve Bread & Butter Puddings in an AGA
As many of you already know, most of the recipes I post here are actually made and tested using an AGA (classic two oven, in case you were wondering), before I work them to suit conventional ovens. As this recipe is so easy to do in an AGA, I decided to add both sets of directions into the recipe this time around.
Individual Dark Chocolate & marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding

While the blue one has been kicking around the kitchen for eons from a press event I attended when I first moved to London, the two cream, totally adorable petite Le Creuset casseroles you can see here were sent to me by the teams at Le Creuset and John Lewis as part of a big stash of kitchenware that is currently residing in a big box in the corner of my dining room. I've been a pretty big fan of their casserole dishes as long as I can remember in the kitchen, but I've got some other fun things of theirs such as pie dishes and kettles that you need to keep an eye out for. Our collaboration post should be up soon, so stay tuned!
How To Make Bread & Butter Pudding
Dark Chocolate & Marmalade Bread & Butter Puddings Dark Chocolate & Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding
For the full recipe, and to read a bit more about this pudding head over to Great British Chefs. If you're after the recipe for my bread pudding made with leftover croissants and cardamom infused custard I've written about in that article, you can find it here. I'd love to hear what Winter desserts you're all enjoying!


  1. I am very excited about this. I actually have some of my Dad's homemade chocolate marmalade in the cupboard, which I'm tempted to use to satisfy my very sweet tooth!

  2. This looks GORGEOUS!!! Definitely something to try over the weekend :D

    I'm such a fan of the Le Creuset dishes. My parents have a few of the larger casserole ones and it's my dream to own one!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. Would love to see photos! It seems quite a few of you will be making this this weekend!

  4. This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out. Love your blog!!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  5. That looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing the recipe..Love it..I am sure that kids will fall crazy

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