Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Student Suppers: Roasted Spring Vegetable Chickpea Bowl

The clocks have changed so the evenings are suddenly getting much lighter, and everything is lush, green and full of sunshine once again. Also, I find myself no longer craving heavy, comforting bowlfuls: I can declare that fresh, light and bright season eating is officially back, and I for one couldn't be happier. So, to celebrate my craving for all things Spring, seasonal and green I've thrown together a great roasted Spring vegetable and chickpea bowl that is perfectly filling and wholesome for either lunch or dinner. 
Roasted Spring Vegetable and Chickpea Bowl

Friday, 25 March 2016

Weekly Love: Week 169

Typically this is a space where I share my most recent television obsession, so this week I want to tell you all about Quantico. Let us forget about our friends across the pond who are on the second season already: here in the UK the second series aired last night and I'm obsessed. We join a new class of FBI recruits at the academy, except that we know that one of them (but we don't know who) is a terrorist who goes on to blow up Grand Central Station 9 months later. There are so many different FBI/ CIA/ Police dramas out there; this is one if you love the genre, but you want something a bit different from the usual procedural format. 
Weekly Love 25.03.16 [1]
1. Picking up a lunchtime baguette from the No Name Shop French deli on Deal High Street. | 2. Eating all the breakfast foods at The Orangery, Kensington Palace. | 3. Spring stocks for sale outside Canterbury West train station. | 4. Getting my Saturday morning forced rhubarb game on in Deal. | 5. Celebrating my 23rd birthday at my favourite pub, The Compasses Inn in Crundale. | 6. Fiery birthday blooms from Bloom & Wild (remember to use the code RACHELBLOOMS to get 15% off at the checkout!)

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Cocktail Hour: Short Southside Fizz + Gin Tasting with Flaviar

It's the weekend, so let us talk about cocktails. Asked the other day which spirits were my chosen tipples of choice, I automatically answered that I was a gin and a tequila drinker (which I think is the obvious answer of any Brit who has been exposed to far too much Southern California in their time!) While I'm still learning what I like in the latter, over the past few years I must say that I've become something of a gin connoisseur, with several different bottles on the counter at any given time to match different cocktails and different uses. My favourite cocktail to show off the different notes in each bottle of gin? The Short Southside Fizz. 
Short Southside Fizz Cocktail | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Places To Eat In London: The Orangery, Kensington

Yesterday before heading into the office to get some work done, I headed over to Kensington Palace for a blogger breakfast at The Orangery, the beautiful and historical conservatory dining room in the middle of Kensington Gardens. It was built for Queen Anne in 1704 to protect her citrus trees from the cold and the frost. Now it makes for the perfect place to escape from it all for a spot of breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. 
Breakfast at The Orangery, Kensington Palace | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Friday, 11 March 2016

Weekly Love: Week 168

The tail end of 22 has been all about doors closing. Some ends have come naturally, some doors have come by way of opportunities where I have had to make the decision to close the door myself, and some doors I'd rather not have had closed on me, and I have just had to learn to live with. Totally unexpectedly, I've realised over the past few weeks that at some point I became a 'grown up', and I'm not quite sure when that happened. If something bad has happened to you this week, or you've had to turn down an opportunity you wanted because you just knew that right now, you wouldn't be able to make it work, sit down and think about it for a moment. I promise you you'll be able to find a silver lining somewhere. I have. 
Weekly Love 11.03.16 [1]
1. Taking a long country walk with my Mummy for Mothers Day. | 2. Homemade Victoria Sponge and Bloom & Wild blooms (get 15% off using RACHELBLOOMS) for Mothers Day afternoon tea. | 3. Brightening up a cloudy day with Cajun Shrimp Tacos. | 4. Picking up my 23rd birthday present from my parents at the Apsinal of London store in Covent Garden. | 5. Munching on avocado toast with the Sainsbury's team, learning about the delicious heritage tomatoes they'll be launching this Spring for British Tomato Week, and checking out a awesome new design spice pots they'll be rolling out soon, that I'm a little obsessed with. | 6. Tracking down Bergamot Lemons in Waitrose of all places to make the Seriously Lemon Lemon Sorbet from Nigel Slater's The Kitchen Diaries III.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Places To Eat In London: Ceviche, Soho

For Tuesday night's after work dinner Sherin and I were craving Peruvian food, so we booked a table at somewhere I've been wanting to eat for ages: Ceviche in Soho. Senor Ceviche in Kingly Court remains one of the best meals we've had together, and I was a massive fan of Ceviche's sister restaurant, Andina in Shoreditch when I brunched there a couple of Summers ago. So, we settled in for a couple of pisco laced cocktails, a tonne of small plates and lots of different types of ceviche, swimming in tigers milk. 
After Work Dinner at Ceviche Soho | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Recipe: Asian Avocado Ryvita with Homemade Sushi Ginger

Today marks the beginning of a month long partnership over on my Instagram where I will be showcasing some of my favourite ways to top Ryvita crispbreads as part of their #MyVita campaign. I'll be sharing a few quick and easy breakfast, lunch or snack time ideas for a delicious (and actually quite good for you) bite. However, while we like out Instagrams in digestible chunks, for this blog post I thought I'd share something a little more involved: an Asian twist on everyones favourite avocado toast, complete with homemade sushi ginger.
Asian Avocado Ryvita with Sushi Ginger | www.rachelphipps.com @rachelphipps