Monday, 30 October 2017

Places To Eat In London: The Royal Oak, Twickenham

I know it is bad and lazy of me, but usually when I hear about a place to eat I'll only visit if I can easily walk there, get there on the tube, and then it is only about a 10-15 minute walk to get there once I've got off at the station. Aside from a pilgrimage in the spring to one of my London favourites, Beagle in Hoxton and the Columbia Road Flower Market, for example this has pretty much meant I don't eat in East London anymore (which was pretty much the only place I ate when I was a student living in Mile End!) So, when I needed to go to Twickenham, which while being in London is somewhere I had to get a train to (!) as the tube does not go that far out West, I knew I need to role a food review into my trip too.
Dinner at The Royal Oak, Twickenham | @rachelphipps

Friday, 27 October 2017

Weekly Love: Week 209

They never tell you all of the things that can go wrong as a grown up. Yes you get to sleep in on weekends and drink wine on a weeknight, but fridges fill up with water that you've got to figure out how to fix, and kitchen sinks collapse because they were not fitted properly getting dirty water all over the kitchen floor. If, like me you've had a few days that reflect the latter, rather than the former, treat yourself. There has to be something on your Amazon wishlist that you can prime to make your weekend that much better? I'm going to be enjoying Nigella's brilliant new book I got this week, but here is some more inspiration by way of three items from my wishlist: Nadiya's British Food Adventure, Los Angeles Cult Recipes & Milly's Real Food.
Weekly Love 27.10.17
1. Autumn leaves in Sandwich. | 2. Cured egg yolks in avocado boats at the launch of Nadine Levy Redzepi's brilliant new book Downtime. There is so much from this book I want to make, and the Spicy Chicken Liver Pasta an the Hazelnut Praline Cake that have already graced my kitchen were simply divine. | 3. Bacon, egg, crispy onion and spicy mayo brioche rolls at The Naughty Egg in Canterbury. | 4. Matcha gelato, red bean paste and mochi bubble waffles at Bubblewrap in Chinatown. | 5. Ripe red apples outside the greengrocer on Deal High Street. | 6. My first ever UK Glossier order: Coconut Balm Dot Com (a delicious, really effective lip balm - really recommended), Boy Brow (still getting used to this one), Milk Jelly Cleanser (I think I'm in love, lovely face wash, and takes all my makeup off!), Priming Moisturiser (does exactly what it says on the tin, I've been obsessed with this stuff for a couple of years) and Priming Moisturiser Rich (beautiful thick version of the Priming Moisturiser, great if like me you get dry skin easily!) You can get 10% off of your first order if you click here.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Places To Eat In Manchester: Evelyn's

For our second breakfast (well brunch, they were serving the lunch menu too by the time we got there!) in Manchester (have you seen my review of Federal Bar & Cafe yet?) we headed to somewhere else that was already on my 'to visit' list from recommendations, then came recommended to me again once people found out I was in Manchester: Evelyn's. Owned by the team behind Queenswood, Damson & Co. and Mughli in London, it was by far our favourite meal in the city, and if you're just passing through and you want to eat one meal out in Manchester, this is where you need to go (and they take reservations!)
Brunch at Evelyn's, Manchester | @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween Treats: Mummified Cocoa Pops Treats

While I'm more of a savoury person than sweet, I can't resist making a few bakes and sweet treats to celebrate my two favourite 'holidays' (to use the American term) that fall as the weather gets colder, outfits get cosier and we're not yet into the grey slush of January: Halloween and Christmas. As all the ghoolies and ghosties will be coming out to play on Tuesday (and most people will be celebrating this weekend) I thought I'd throw together a simple twist on childhood rice krispie treats so that you too can get your spook on! 
Easy Mummified Cocoa Pops Treats | @rachelphipps

Monday, 23 October 2017

Student Suppers: Tomato & Coconut Cassoulet

I have been waiting to share this recipe with you all since the spring. Delicious, cozy, and vegan without actually trying to be (which is the only type of veganism I'll accept!) I first made the Tomato & Coconut Cassoulet from Anna Jones' essential primer on vegetarian cooking A Modern Way To Eat as the days started to get warmer, and while it was love at first bite, I figured it was the sort of thing we'd all want to start tucking into as the days got colder. I've made a few changes to suit the fact I always want way more coconut, to suit a kitchen without fancy pans and gadgets, and so that it happily serves two (though it heats up beautifully!)
Tomato & Coconut Cassoulet | @rachelphipps

Friday, 20 October 2017

Autumnal Lunchbox Inspiration + Mastering The Work/ Life Balance

This blog post, the latest in my partnership with healthy pea snack brand Yushoi is really about about three different (but interconnected) things: autumnal lunchbox ideas (because most of us need them and are totally guilty of eating the same thing every day, in one of my last jobs a woman in my office at the same thing for lunch every day of the 18 months I worked there!), a few of my (loose) tips on achieving a work/ life balance, and a little update of where I am now, because it has been a while since we've had a good chat!
Autumn Lunchbox Ideas with Yushoi | @rachelphipps

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Places To Eat In London: Canova Hall, Brixton

Brixton is somewhere I've never spent much time in. I think, before last week I'd only been twice (once to see Maroon 5 play life at the O2, and once to a trip to Pop Brixton to drink beer and eat dumplings all afternoon) which is silly, considering how close it is to where I now live in Borough. So, when I was invited to have dinner at brand new restaurant and co-working space by day, busy bar and dinner spot by night Canova Hall, we decided to make a Friday night of it, going to dinner after drinks with friends at the Trinity Arms.
Dinner at Canova Hall, Brixton | @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Student Suppers: Bacon Maple Granola Soup Topper

So, I may still be able to go out most days just wearing my new, super warm and snuggly Whistles cashmere jumper, but soup season is definitely upon us. There are loads of recipes for different soups on this blog, so today I thought I'd talk about something a bit different: soup toppers. I've talked about making punchy flavoured oils to drizzle over a bowl (see my coriander lime oil that goes great with a carrot soup, or my basil oil that goes great on a tomato soup or something a bit earthier like a squash or pumpkin soup) but let me introduce you to my new favourite thing to go on every smooth soup I've lunched on recently: savoury granola.
Pea and Mint Soup with Bacon Granola | @rachelphipps

Monday, 16 October 2017

Places To Eat In London: The Pickled Hen, Marylebone

I've got a brand new opening on the border between Marylebone and Marble Arch for your today: The Pickled Hen. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner (which is where we went one weeknight) don't let the fact it is part of a hotel put you off, the atmosphere is lovely, the dining room is stylish, the menu is imaginative (but still comforting), and the food is excellent. We went on a weeknight and had a simply lovely evening, sitting together by the window watching the rain outside with a lovely bottle of Malbec.
Chicken Tiki Masala at The Pickled Hen, Marylebone | @rachelphipps

Friday, 13 October 2017

Weekly Love: Week 208

Finally, after a month of back and forth, I'm back home and in the kitchen. I started early at my parents house just before the kitchen they moved into was ripped out for renovations with a hyper seasonal, super delicious (the three of us polished the whole thing off over a couple of days) Maple Custard Tart from One Cook And Her Cupboard by Florence Knight. The book has never let me down when I've been looking for more of a kitchen project (though, double the cooking time for the custard depending on your oven), and I must resolve to dig into it more. Dinner last night was Lucy's One-Pan Sausage Pasta Bake which we wolfed down after heating it up (I'd made it ahead as we went to see George Osborne talk about the financial crash 10 years on - you can take a girl out of Westminster..!) and I can highly recommend so easy, and so delicious!
Weekly Love 13.010.15
1. Sunny lunchtimes wandering around Chinatown in search of steamed sweet pork buns. | 2. A simply stunning scoop of damson ice cream from Ginger's Comfort Emporium in Manchester - tasted just like crumble! | 3. Tasting the wonderful Polpo autumn cocktail menu at Ape & Bird. | 4. A fantastic brunch at Evelyn's in Manchester - full blog post coming soon! | 5. A simply stunning late, solo lunch of chicken, orange, cavelo nero and toasted almonds from Wild Goose at The Good's Shed in Canterbury. | 6. An afternoon turn around Sir John Soane's museum - more here!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Places To Eat In Manchester: Federal Cafe & Bar

This morning I want to bring you the first of two 'Places To Eat In' reviews from Manchester where I spent a couple of days at a conference a few weeks ago. After a meat-fuelled evening at Red's True Barbecue (a wonderful meal with fantastic service, sadly my pictures did not come out as well as I would have hoped) the next morning we walked into the Northern Quarter to find breakfast somewhere that came greatly recommended by readers, Instagram followers and other bloggers: Federal Bar and Cafe, a small little Aussie inspired all-day spot tucked away just past one of the city's main shopping streets.
Brunch at Federal Bar & Cafe, Manchester | @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Naughty Egg

I've been home in Canterbury the past few days catching up with old friends (as well as doing all the usual admin like going to the dentist and taxing my car!), but I've also had some chance to try out some new places I've wanted to eat for ages, but not really had the chance to since I moved to Canterbury in February. I was told about The Naughty Egg, an all-day egg bar inspired by L.A.'s Eggslut before it opened in March, but unbelievably yesterday was my first visit. Canterbury? The fact you can now get gloriously eggy sandwiches and loaded fries both in store (they have about 9 stools to perch on) and on Deliveroo makes me very jealous.
Egg & Bacon at The Naughty Egg, Canterbury | @rachelphipps

Monday, 9 October 2017

Breakfast for Dinner with Le Creuset

Escaping from the rain just off Bermondsey Street (though, I did enjoy checking a wonderful new grocer that opened a few weeks ago, the Giddy Grocer - do check it out!), up a couple of dark flights of stairs I joined Le Creuset for a spot of breakfast for dinner (in my view, the best meal ever), served up in their beautiful new city inspired collection, cooked up by chef Stevie Parle (who you might know from his restaurants Palantino, Dock Kitchen and Craft London. The table looked so beautiful, the collection was a lovely new colour (you know I'm such a massive fan of anything Le Creuset) and we ate some really great food that has inspired me with a few more brunch ideas I thought I'd share a few snaps from the evening.
Brunch Toasts with Le Creuset | @rachelphipps

Friday, 6 October 2017

Places To Eat In London: Smokin' Lotus

While it seems like summer is the prime time in London for street food, I actually like this in-between season, where you want a jumper and a light jacket (maybe a scarf) but you're in no way sheltering from the cold to hit up a few food trucks. You appreciate tucking into your treats a bit more, the warmth of your wraps, sandwiches and just-from-the-oven bakes, each lunchtime a different adventure. A couple of weeks ago found me checking out the vendors at KERB collective's Canary Wharf lunchtime market where I found one of the best Asian barbecue sandwiches I've had in a very long time from the guys at Smokin' Lotus.
Asian Barbecue Pork Belly Sandwich at Smokin' Lotus | @rachelphipps

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Sunny Autumn Afternoons in St. Malo, Brittany

A break was needed, so we piled into the car for a couple of days at the French house just to unwind, spending most days curled up with our books, keeping a ridged aperitif hour and playing mammoth (and very competitive!) games of Monopoly. We ventured out once in the middle of the week to have lunch in Combourg, but on our last day we decided to go on a little day trip to the fortified old town of St. Malo (I had not been since I wrote about it in 2011), just on the coast (well, we had to get up and get dressed anyway to go and stock up on wine and treats to take back with us to London, and it was such a sunny day!)
St. Malo Fort | @rachelphipps

Monday, 2 October 2017

A Day On The Chilli Farm with Nix & Kix

Just before I headed off to France I was given the opportunity to leave the city a day early, heading off to Bedfordshire to visit a chilli farm with slightly spicy drinks brand Nix & Kix to learn about different varieties of chilli, how chilli farming works here in the UK, and to get into the test kitchen to try my hand at creating my own chilli based product. Oh, and chilli spiked cocktails were promised to make an appearance!
Nix & Kix | @rachelphipps