Hi, I'm Rachel and welcome to my blog!

I like to write. A lot. Mostly my subject is my food obsession (cooking up recipes and eating out), but I like to throw in a few little bits of travel here and there, too. As you've probably already realised, this is my blog where I like to post little snapshots of my culinary adventures; recipes I've been cooking, snacks I've been enjoying, places I've been visiting and restaurants I've been eating in. In real life I talk everyones ears off about my favourite topics, so this blog is where I get to talk, practically all the time about food and eating once my friends and family have become bored of listening to me talk about the amazing Korean Barbecue I ate in Los Angeles or the really exciting recipe I'd just found for a vibrant cabbage slaw
Photo by Nicole Anderson, Los Angeles, March 2013.

I'm from the English Countryside, and I split my time between the countryside and London. My second adoptive home is France, a country I love and I am lucky enough to have a lovely home in. I used to live in the little college neighbourhood of Westwood in Los Angeles, California while I spent a year attending University of California, Los Angeles (Go Bruins!) I miss the beach. My food is inspired by the food that my Mother and I cook at home in our English farmhouse kitchen and our Northern French stone barn, and by the time I've spent living in and visiting California. Work wise, I run the PR and Marketing for Pilgrims Nook Holiday Cottages, a small luxury holiday cottage company I run with my family in Kent. 

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