Introducing: Glossybox

When I read Jess’ post about Glossybox, and after seeing the similar Birchbox on some American and Canadian blogs, I decided to treat myself to the first ever Glossybox. Basically, for £10 a month you get sent a box full of deluxe samples of new products from high end brands.


My box arrived this morning. I literally could not be more excited about opening it up. 


The box is really pretty, and sturdy, and has a lovely inside too. I don’t own any myself, but being my mothers daughter I can certify that this box is better quality than a Jimmy Choo shoebox. I will be keeping my GlossyBoxes to store things in! 


When I opened the box the beautiful packaging prevailed. I also got a glimpse of the menu and saw the word ‘Nars’. Then got very, very excited. I’ve been wanting to try their products for absolutely ages! The little white square you can se under the menu is a 20% discount card for one of the products inside. 


Yes more amazing packaging. Think about how much gift boxes like this cost in Paperchase, and you’ve got your £10 with the packaging, let alone with the product!


I’ve been wanting to try Nars Orgasm Illuminator for ages, and this sample is absolutely huge! And the full size, about twice the size of this retails at £21.50 – already a bargain for the box! I’m going to post some separate reviews for the products in the box, but I promise this one will be the first up as I’m so excited to try it! *edit* (1/06/11) You can read my review here!


I’m a big lipstick girl so I was also very excited to find this All For Eve bright red lipstick in ‘Eve Red’. It looks very fluorescent in this photo (sorry!) but it is actually what looks like a bright true red with a bit of darker under pigment. The photo did not come out very well, but I scribbled a little bit on the back of my hand and the darkness of the red comes out a bit – I can’t wait to try this, and hopefully I’ll be reviewing it too!


I’m not really a cleanser girl, but I’ll give this Bionova Bioactive Cleanser a go because you never know about a product until you’ve tried it!

*edit* (19/05/11) I tried some of this with water, and it did not foam much but it did leave my skin very, very clean. However, it left it a bit funny smelling (the product itself is funny smelling), and feeling very very dry. My skin still felt dry after my usual Clinique Moisture Surge, so I had to use a heavier moisturiser afterwards. 


I was also very excited about this Caviar Anti-Aging Colour Hold Rapid Repair (hair) Spray from Alterna, as I’m on a constant quest for products that help me maintain my salon finish.  My hair damages easily (I don’t eat dairy so I don’t think I get enough calcium) and my hair is partially coloured, so this seems like the perfect product!

I tried a bit of this just now, and it smells absolutely incredible. It also makes my hair much glossier and finer, does exactly what it says to do on the bottle – my hair does look instantly revitalised. I could really see why it is for coloured hair; I have partial head highlights, and the coloured sections looked more vibrant and healthier. My only problem is that it appears to come out a bit heavy and clump a bit on my hair, but then again my hair already has had leave in products put in it since I last washed it – I’ll be sure to try it again on untreated hair. 


This is the product that comes with the discount code, and I’m always on the hunt for moisturisers and lotions that deal with my dry skin. This one smells very, very strong in the bottle, but nice, which can be a good or a bad thing, we’ll see (reminds me a bit of Molton Brown), but I’ll let you know how I get on!

*edit* (19/05/11) This moisturiser has a gorgeous, silky and moisturising texture. I really love it. However, the scent is so overpowering, I don’t really like this product in spite of its fantastic formula. 

Has anyone else received a GlossyBox? Is anyone going to sign up for the June one? I don’t think I’ll get one every month, as it will get expensive, but I’m getting one in June and I’m going to save it to open after my last exam as a gift to myself!