What To Do With Laddered Tights

I don’t even ladder my tights or get holes in them as much as some people, but as I wear a pair of black tights almost every day, I find I’m always throwing pairs away, and sometimes if I’ve been unlucky after wearing them only once. No, my tights are at least £2.50 a pair, usually more, and to even get them at this price I have to buy them in big, pricy packs. So, a while back I decided to start playing around with my old tights and see what I could make out of them: and it was then when I struck gold. ,mm
These, as pictured above, is the reason that except for a pair of French ruffle luxe scrunchies, I have not bought any hair ties etc. for the last two years. Once laddered, I put my tights back into the wash and then cut them up into scrunchies. ll
Literally all you’ll need to do this is your old pairs of tights and a pair of sharp scissors. mm
They have brilliant stretch and hold your hair up really well with minimal ridges. Also, if you cut from further up the leg where the tight leg is a bit wider you can make hair hands to keep your hair out of your face when washing or applying makeup. Most of my tights are 40 denier, and these work okay, but I find 60 denier tights make the best, longer lasting bands with more stretch and hold. ii
I never really measure the sections I cut, but they need to be this sort of size. You’ll get about 3 sections out of each leg, but don’t use sections with holes or ladders in, cut around them. mmk
Once you have your section, just gather it together into a hair tie shape and you’re done!
You can also used your old tights to make bath bombs, air fresheners and as scrub cloths. You can take a foot section, cut a sock shape and fill it with dried lavender, oats, grated soap, any mixed to make your bath smell good, tie a knot in the open end and drop it into the hot water. Similarly, put lots of nice smelling things in and pop it in your sock drawer to make everything smell good! I take a clean section of these hair ties and, stretching it over my fingertip dip it in olive oil and use my tight covered finger to gently exfoliate and remove dry skin from my lips. I also do the same on dry skin areas of my face, very gently, while wet and using a foaming cleanser. 

Have you found any fun or useful things to do with an old pair of tights?