My Top 5 Favourite Food Blogs

In case you had not noticed by now from the photos of my baking adventures I included in my ‘Weekly Love’ posts, I’m a real foodie. I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to read about food, eat out, take pictures of food, and, most recently read lots of food blogs. (Yes, that was a lot of commas!)

Today, I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite food blogs as well as some of their beautiful and mouthwatering photography!


1. Fashion Intel

Though the name of her blog might not indicate that it has anything to do with food, Natalie’s Los Angeles based blog is my favourite food blog on the net. She does write about other fashion related things too, but as a food writer for Refinery 29 most of her posts are about her mouthwatering culinary adventures – enough to make me want to up and move to Los Angeles tomorrow simply to eat myself to a size 20! 


2. What Katie Ate

Katie’s is the first food blog I started reading. She’s a food photographer based in Australia, hence why her photos make me desperately hungry by even looking at them! When I have the time to hunt down some of the ingredients, there are so many recipes I want to try! 


3. Smitten Kitchen

I have so many recipes bookmarked to try from Deb’s New York based recipes blog it’s getting ridiculous! I particularly love her clear step by step photos, and how she links back to what she was cooking this time last year at the bottom of each post. 


4. The Londoner

The Londoner has made me very, very excited about when I finally move to London (hopefully in September, if I get the exam results I’m hoping for!) for all the great places to eat she’s discovered for me. I recently tried her recipe for Warm Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Bad Boys cookies – they were fantastic!


5. Becoming Lola

Another blog based in New York, Becoming Lola is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth – her baking adventures and cake reviews are to die for. Her entire blog is also very, very cute!

What are your favourite food blogs? Be sure to leave me some links, I don’t nearly have enough food blogs in my news feed!