Weekly Love – Week 75

+ My Dad was complaining about the lack of biscuits in the house, so I made The Londoner’s Warm Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Bad Boys. I think I could have done with taking them out the other earlier, but I think they were still pretty amazing! 

+ Amber has written a post about the stigma surrounding professional blogging that I support wholeheartedly.

+ Sitting in a coffee shop and chatting for 4 hours straight.

I love Catlin Moran.

+ IFB has a great post on organising local blogger meetups.

+ My best friend getting talking to some random old guy eating alone at the table next to use in Nandos, who was absolutely hysterical even if he did annoy me quite a bit!

This online recipe book is so sweet!

+ I need this cat in my life…

+ White Cubans made with Sailor Jerry Rum and Peach Daiquiris.

+ Annie’s China photo diary is absolutely incredible…

+ I tried my hand at nail art for the first time this week!

+ Ceriselle has created a UK Bloggers Map – have you added your blog yet?

+ These flowers my Grandma sent us to thank us for the lovely time she had while she came to stay – arn’t they beautiful!

+ What it’s like to date a writer. I’d also file this totally true article under what it’s like to have a writer as your best friend. Even if I’m a writer too!

+ One of my guy friends asking if a Miu Miu was a type of cat.

+ Jessie has Christmas in July – this is both so incredibly cool and so incredibly mental in equal measure!

+ Romola Garai’s performance as Bel Rowley in The Hour. Still not sure about the show, but her hair, her clothes and her acting are all fantastic, even better than when she was in The Crimson Petal And The White.

+ How to find out if someone has stolen your blog images using Google Image Search.

+ Planning a London Blogger Lunch.

+ Whoever got this is the luckiest Maroon 5 fan in the world.

+ My Mum’s homemade bread.

+ Another fantastic episode of Blogger Hopping, this time with The Blond Salad!

+ DIY Glitter Brogues

+ I need a Barbour jacket with a Liberty London lining in! The purple one is totally going on my wish list!

+ What to do with old chair backs. (It has something to do with hangers!)

What have you been enjoying this week?