Boudoir Privé: August 2011

After I wrote about Boudoir Privé, a monthly luxury lifestyle sample box subscription, the guys over at Boudoir Privé kindly agreed to send me a press box to review and share with you all. As a bit of a side note before I start the actual review, there was a bit of a mix up with my box, and I just wanted to thank the guys I spoke to at Boudoir Privé customer service for being wonderfully helpful!

It comes in a standard postal carton like most sample box services like this, and everything inside arrived in good condition.  
I really like the pink box, the way it folds over with a magnet, but because of this I don’t think I’ll use it as much as I would boxes with lift off lids. DSC_0018

I do like the way it is presented when you open the box, with the bow and the little note from the people there.


I thought that the fact the note was personalised and handwritten was a really nice touch!  


I loved the presentation, and it all had a luxe feel to it. However, when I opened it up, I could not help but feel a little bit disappointed, but I just can’t put my finger on why. I just think that if I paid £10 for this, I would have felt disappointed in a way that I have not from some other subscription sample boxes I have tried.
I’m interested to try this conditioner, because it is not something that I’ve used before, and I’m not sure that I’d  buy it for myself to try…
However, I’m looking forward to sampling this moisturiser, I can’t believe I have not get – anything with body cream AND wine in the name has to be right up my street! *edit* It smells just like wine on the skin. I’m TOTALLY in love!
I’m very happy that this box is giving me the chance to try out for luxe, high end hair product. I think I must spend stupid amounts of money on maintaining my hair, and I’m always on the hunt that will make it stronger, silkier and glossier!
I have seen in some peoples reviews that they were unhappy to get an anti ageing cream in their box, but I don’t mind so much. One of my old Clinique ones was anti-ageing, I just used it as it was a great cream. Also, I think  these boxes are more friendly towards a slightly older (basically non student) demographic where the recipient has a bit more disposable income for luxury products.
While I usually go for quite plain perfumes,  I love trying out new ones. Like everything else in the box, I’d never heard of this brand before.

As a big herbal tea drinker, I’m really, really excited about sampling are these tea samples from Bloom. I think it is absolutely inspired to include tea as more of a ‘lifestyle’ sample in these boxes.

My verdict? I think Boudoir Privé is a fantastic service, but a service that is just not for me. As Lily said in her review, I personally would rather be receiving samples of well known branded products that I would have tried if I could afford to, but I can see how unknown luxe brand samples could appeal to someone different too.

Who else received one of these boxes in the post? What did you think of it? (P.S. If you’d like to try a box at 50% off (only £5) enter 1BOX12 at the checkout before 31st August!)