Weekly Love – Week 77

+ Totally in love with my new Ciate paint pot colour – shame the formula is not as good as my beloved Essie… 

+ I want to eat at this restaurant!

+ This fact about Hamlet that Katy left for me in her comment about my weekend in London post: Did you know that when David Tennant performed as Hamlet for the RSC, the skull used for Yorick was that of composer/pianist Andre Tchaikowsky, who, in his will, donated his skull to the RSC and asked for it to be used as a prop on stage, but Tennant was one of the only Hamlet’s who felt comfortable using a real skull. A little bit of nerd theatre info for you there! Incidentally, Andre Tchaikowsky donated the rest of his body to medical science, not just his skull! This is yet another reason why David Tennant is my favourite Hamlet!

+ Betty has posted some pictures from her trip to San Francisco – god I miss that city…

+ I got a change to  get my hands on Benefit’s new ‘They’re Real Mascara’ before it launches!

+ Daniela already knows me well enough to know to send me a bbm when she’s in the Selfridges food hall.

+ Penny slot machines at the seaside. Except, you now have to play with 2p pieces not 1p!

+ You can get an amazing nail polish free with this months Marie Claire!

+ Recording a pilot for a current affairs podcast with my best friend. It will never go public, but it was a great test run for a podcast that I hope I’ll be able to share with you soon!

Taylor has some fantastic tips for taking outfit photos.

+ Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’ music video – so awesome!

+ IFB talks about the ethics of selling gifted items.

+ The smell of the BBQ being lit.

+ Love this outfit post from Blushing Ambition.

+ Working on my English Breakfast pizza recipe.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Sparks Fly’ video – her live shows look like such fun!

+ Listening to Katy Perry’s ‘One Of The Boys’ album – still incredible!

Laetitia explains how awkward it is to explain that you are a fashion blogger as your career to non bloggers.

+ Pinkberry frozen yogurt in Selfridges.

+ Amy gives us some tips on how to enjoy spending time alone.

+ Some of the best calamari I’ve ever tasted, in Chimichanga.

+ I reviewed Sex On Tuesdays by June Whyte over at Judging Covers.

+ Organising a big leaving do for Susie, with Sherin. Lots of bloggers will be involved in London – stay tuned!

Beauty pageants in prison, and why they are a good thing.

+ I want this Wildfox sweater in black – why does it have to be so expensive?!

Leia asks if fashion blogging has made us more body conscious.

+ An afternoon at Bluewater and dinner out to celebrate my getting into University and my imminent move to London – fantastic, even if my discovering that I was allergic to coconut milk in a very bad way at the restaurant! Thank you to everyone for your such kind and lovely congratulations messages!

+ Fantastic tips for bloggers who wish to cover Fashion Week.

+ I want this clutch from Emily Cho – so chic!

What have you been enjoying this week?