Dear Rachel: Should I Put Advertising On My Blog?

Dear Rachel,

I’m looking to take my blog in a new direction and post more often, and I was thinking about making space to have advertising. Do you think this is a good idea? What type of advertising do you think I should have? 


The idea of making any money out of your blog or receiving anything for free has always been controversial, but I really think you should go for it. Even if blogging is just a hobby, you’re still providing people with a service: something to read, for free so who is to say that you should not get at least a little compensation for it? And besides, having a little extra pocket money is never a bad thing! I make some small change in Paypal for the advertising on the side of my blog, but it is nice to be able to treat myself to something (you can use Paypal to pay on ASOS) once in a while. Why should you feel bad about getting a little something back for your hard work?

As for what type of advertising you should take on, I really recommend small independent advertising, charging for ad space in your sidebars on a monthly basis. Unless you are a super blogger, you’re not going to make a whole deal of money from affiliate schemes, as these pay on commission. Though it is hard to make money through affiliate schemes, there is one scheme that I would highly recommend to make money through affiliate links with minimal effort. I heard about Skimlinks on Lily‘s blog. Skimlinks basically turns all of your existing product links into affiliate links that you can earn commission from from any sales made on the click through. It was really easy to install, and though I was sceptical at first I really do seem to be making money out of it!

The bloggers panel at The Only Way Is Blogging

You can also look into doing sponsored posts. I usually get these where companies email me offering me money in return for posting their content or writing about their product, but if you join a network such as Handpicked Media you can get offers of sponsored posts through them. The only issue surrounding sponsored posts is ethics. Lots of people have a problem with posing words and photos that you have not created in exchange for a pay out. I think, and it was the general consensus during the discussion panel at The Only Way Is Blogging that if you support and would endorse the product anyway, and you make it clear that is is sponsored content there is not an ethical problem. If it feels right to you it probably is.

What are your tips for sucsessful bog advertising?