Weekly Love – Week 82


+ That satisfied feeling when you bake a perfect batch of double chocolate chip cookies. 

+ To support Hugs, Scones & Kisses Amy is going to step out of her comfort zone and wear nothing but dresses for a week if she reaches her sponsorship goal, you can find out how to support her here!

+ Heads up, there is a £20 gift card free with this months Elle!

I’m very excited about What’s In My Bag, a new concept beauty site that is soon to be launching!

+ Adding another Penguin Classics mug to my collection – this time, George Orwell’s 1984!

+ Because I did not attend this Harry Potter themed Halloween party, I’ll have to throw it for myself sometime

+ That moment when you think the biscuit tin is empty, but there is in fact one cookie left inside!

+ I usually only post positive stuff, but whatever you do don’t eat in this London restaurant

+  Lovely walks through Notting Hill and Hyde Park. 

+ I was interviewed about my beauty blog The Glossy Guide over on Hello Cotton! 


+ I had an amazing time at the Motel event last night – more photos and a proper post to follow soon!

+ Amy has written a brilliant post on why all university students should consider spending a year studying abroad

+ Bribing myself to finish essays with cubes of Galaxy. 

+ Gala Darling has some great tips for staying calm in a crazy world

+ Cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery

+ Girls do actually prefer shopping alone – I totally agree with this!

+ Hot bubble baths after being caught in the driving rain.

+ You can buy Marshmallow Vodka. My life is complete! 

+ Scented candles. 

+ Karl Lagerfeld shaped eyeshadows designed by the man himself.


+ Making piping hot onion and Strongbow soup – recipe to follow soon!

+ Winnie has written the most adorable post about Asian desserts!

+ Nachos, Fajitas and frozen Passion Fruit Margaritas. 

+ Ellie is running a second hand Secret Santa – what a great idea! 

+ Dancing around the house my myself with my iPod blasting Blake Shelton’s version of ‘Footloose’ at full volume. 

+ I was interviewed over on the Stolen Thunder blog!

+ The people over at Harrods have been kind enough to make me blog of the week!

+ I love Joy’s down to earth blogging tips

+ Pinkberry frozen yogurt in Selfridges. 

+ This fashion illustrators work is absolutely breathtaking

What have you been enjoying this week?