Weekly Love – Week 83

+ I love the video made at the Motel Rocks party last week, though I knew it was a bad idea to let the videographer film me touching up my lipstick – look at that frown! 

This Livejournal full of beautiful old books. (via Harriet)

+ Carrie’s Paris By Night photos are simply gorgeous

+ Five reasons why bloggers should podcast.

+ Christmas shopping in Westfield for my family.

I love Lime crime’s virtual lipstick suitability chart!

+ New TV shows I adore: Hart of Dixie, Unforgettable, Revenge and The Lying Game.

Amy has put together a fantastic list of alternative travel websites.

This Los Angeles photo diary makes me want to visit so badly! Also very jealous of the Hart Of Dixie set visit – one of my new favourite shows!

+ I love Wallpaper Rose’s new An Unfortunate Series Of Events inspired jewellery collection.

+ Getting rolls of film back from being developed and remembering photos I took months ago. 

+ This is one of my favourite outfit posts I’ve seen in quite a while!

+ St James’ Park when all the leaves are down on a crisp Autumn morning. 

A Rabbi teaches her classes using nail art – so awesome!


+ OPI Glitter nail polish, I really love this shade!

+ Fee has written a brilliant post on affiliate links – a must read for any bloggers interested in monetization. She recommends Skimlinks as I do – its totally amazing!

+ It is in fact possible to walk up an escalator in Saks the wrong way. And there is a video to prove it. 

+ There are some changes to UK blogger disclosure laws that you need to know about.

+ All day American breakfasts at The Diner. 

+ Becky has written a great post on how it is harder to blog during the winter. 

+ Lectures on Shakespeare.

Paula’s photos make me miss France so much!

I think these knitted creations popping up all over London are absolutely fantastic – especially the giant telephone box cosy in Parliament Square!

Nicolette has put together a fantastic gift guide for jet setters!

+ I love the concept of this London restaurant!

+ Discussing The Bell Jar at Sherin‘s book group.

+ Gem has written a really thought provoking piece about putting your personal information online. 

What have you been enjoying this week?