Blogging and Politics

So today I’m going to talk about something I usually don’t talk about on my blog, but makes up an even bigger part of my life than my blog does (and that really is saying something)! This post is really centred around something that, after a few comments and conversations on Twitter I really started to think about: How many (if any) readers have I lost not because of my blog, but because of my political affiliations? 

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I am very political. I worked on the 2010 election campaign, I’ve volunteered in my local party and I’ve done work experience in the House of Commons. When I open the newspaper on a Sunday I always reach for the News Review before the Style pages, and every morning when I set out to attack my Bloglovin’ feed I always check up on the political news first. That is just me, what I’m interested in and what I am passionate about. While anyone who has ever had a conversation with me, even at blogger events will have noticed that I find it very hard to not end up bringing a conversation around to politics, here on my blog (aside from the odd link in my Weekly Love roundups that I find amusing and could possibly be interpreted as party political) I try to keep things about fashion, food and general lifestyle, which, after all is what this blog is all about. 

However, my Twitter page is a totally different matter. I tried for a while having two separate Twitter feeds, one for my blog and one for personal and political ramblings but it soon became way to complicated so as my followers will very well know @makingmewonder is akin to a crazy stream of conscious including fashion, beauty, food, complaints about the London Underground and lots and lots of political opinion. Increasingly I’ve noticed that my Twitter followers, I who I know are readers of my blog taking offence to some of my more political Tweets. Some of them have un followed me on Twitter, and I wonder if any of them have decided they are not going to read my blog anymore because of my political beliefs. I know at least one person has, because they told me that they were doing it.

You may have noticed that I have not actually mentioned my exact party political affiliation in this post, though those of you who follow me on Twitter my politics is blatantly obvious. However, I have not mentioned it in this post because for those of you who are not aware of my politics I want to know, if you know I was strongly in support of and an active campaigner for a political party that you do not support, would this make you stop reading my blog, regardless of the content I am posting on this site, or on my beauty blog The Glossy Guide? I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts! 

This whole argument comes down to one question. When you choose to read a blog, what is more important to you, the content or the person behind it?