Weekly Love: Week 84

1. I’ve been thinking recently about the layout and the direction of my blog, and I’ve decided that I want to speak more, maybe explore some issues, maybe just include some more comment pieces. I don’t know yet, but what I do know is I was not happy with the format of one of my longest running features: Weekly Love (well, it has been going for 84 weeks!) and moving it to once a fortnight has not really made me love it any more. So, I’ve decided to mix things up a bit with a brand new format to the post – enjoy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!
2. Earlier today I went and sampled some of the  festive cupcakes at The Hummingbird Bakery  -this Christmas Pudding one had the most amazing almond frosting and tasted just like Christmas pudding and mince pies! We followed up with Mulled Wine on a biting cold Brick Lane – now I’m feeling super festive!

3. My amazing friend Ally who I have known since we were 10 years old (we went to boarding school together for 8 years!) is going to be climbing Kilimanjaro (the highest free standing mountain in the world) to raise money for Childreach International. It would be great if she could have all your support – just £2 is enough to vaccinate a mother and child in Nepal. You can sponsor her HERE!

4. I’m not usually a fan of reality shows, but I have been absolutely hooked to Sorority Girls on Channel 4! Basically, five girls from American sororities have flown over to set up the first sorority in England with students from Leeds. It is vaguely hysterical, and I can’t wait for Tuesdays episode! (You can catch up on the last three on 4oD) Little known fact about me: one of the reasons I originally wanted to go to university in America was so I could join a sorority. I have also been watching a lot of cooking shows lately (?) including River Cottage (this season it is about going meatless and as I don’t eat lamb or beef this has been really interesting for me!). I also love the fact everything on River Cottage is with fresh food. At the moment my fridge has basically turned into one massive love letter to Innocent juices and smoothies as I find they are a great way to make sure I keep up my fruit intake as my favourite things like berries are getting too expensive. I better not try one of their veg pots – I bet that it will soon get full up of those too!

5. I know I used to do my links in a list, but I really did not like how it looked. So, here are the same round up of online links I have been enjoying, but in cloud form! My favourite ones are the largest, but I think all of them are pretty great – otherwise I would not have included them in my round up in the first place!

If you take the London Underground on a regular basis, this article will make your day with laughter | I need this nail polish in my life | Into The Gloss has a fantastic feature on one of my favourite classic makeup brands, Clinique | Kani has taken some beautiful and bright photos in Brighton | I  really need to thank Sherin for linking me to what has to be one of the funniest and well written Tumblr pages I’ve seen in quite a long time | Some pretty awesome zombies storm Mexico City | The Fashion Bloggers Guide to Blogging | The Beauty Department has put together a brilliant gift guide | Rose has put together an amazing winter warming owl friend DIY project | Nicolette’s photos make me really want to visit Los Angeles | Gala Darling has a great December activity guide20 Signs that you are a *real* Fashion Blogger – this post made me both laugh and smile a lot, in equal measure! | Benefit are launching a new blush in January – I’m so excited! | This is a brilliant post about how we are no long read magazines | 5 Ways Pinterest Can Benefit Your Blog | Gala Darling has put together an amazing list of ways to survive the winter that I will most certainly be adhering to

6. Some of you may have heard about a new ‘X Factor’ style show that the BBC are producing called The Voice. It is originally from Europe but earlier this year it first showed in the US. I’m pretty sure the BBC are going to destroy it and turn it into trash, but is was actually pretty amazing. And I’m not just saying that because Adam Levine is a judge. This single is from ‘Red’, the new album from the runner up Dia Frampton who I thought should have won. It is amazing, just like her!

7. Finally, this time lapse video of the Downing Street Christmas Tree being decorated is absolutely adorable. Thanks for the wonderful and interesting feedback and conversation I got from my post on Blogging and Politics – I promise you all that there is absolutely nothing political about this video!    

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What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you think of ‘Weekly Love”s new layout?