Your Relationship Status: ‘Facebook Official’?

The other day I was having a conversation about why I really hate the phrase ‘Facebook Official’. Before I’d ever actually have a guy ask me if we could make our brand new relationship ‘Facebook Official’ I’d never really thought about Facebook relationship status’ past the usual agreement with womans magazines that they state it must be rather awkward to have a breakup play out on Facebook if or when it all goes south, or knowing to call or text a dear friend to check if they are okay when the fact that they are now listed as ‘single’ unexpectedly appears in my newsfeed.  
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However, it was still nothing I’d never experienced. So, when my now ex-boyfriend took my hand and asked me if he could make us ‘Facebook Official’ outside Notting Hill Gate tube station, I remember feeling slightly uncomfortable that this technological acceptance has become part of the modern dating ritual, just like it is now standard in many cases for your other half to become a part of your blog, or for you to meet someone on an online dating site. By the time I got home and booted up my Mac Book the relationship request had already appeared in my newsfeed, and in less than a minute after I’d hit accept my friends started to pounce with their surprise, shock and congratulations, as did his. I really was not sure how I felt about it. I know it might have been my not being entirely sure about the whole thing (well, he is now my ex) but I know I lot of me was just not entirely comfortable with the fact that making it official on Facebook seemed to be such a necessary part of our relationship. I know it is hysterical that I, as a blogger who shares great chunks of my life online for not just my friends list, but the whole world to see should feel like this, but I really did. And I don’t know how I’d feel about listing a new relationship on Facebook either. 

When we broke up I instantly deleted the ‘Rachel Phipps is now Single’ status from my newsfeed so I could actively ignore the drama. It worked, we had not been dating long and not many of my friends had met him. Only my really good friends noticed. But I wonder what it would have been like if I’d have let it be and everyone who I go to uni with, went to school with and everyone I have ever lived with had had the opportunity to comment? 

How do you feel about Facebook relationship status’? Do you list your relationships, or do you like to keep things private? Why?

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