London Fashion Week: Prose A/W12

After seeing some of the pieces in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout exhibition, I was really looking forward to the Prose show on Monday evening. It was a good collection, but I’m not entirely sure any of the pieces I saw on the runway I’d want to wear myself. What do you think?
I love the simple makeup, statement brows (which seem to have been one of the biggest makeup trends from London this season) and bold red lips the models were wearing down the runway. Also, while I don’t know how I feel about this red number as a whole, I do like its feeling of Autumn leaves.
I thought the cut and the shaping of the fabric of this dress was simply beautiful, even if I was not much of a fan of the fabric itself. Also, it could just be me, but do the high crowns of hair these models were wearing remind you of the hairstyles worn by the Mormon extremists on Juniper Creek in HBO’s Big Love?

The shoulders an d loose fabric cut of this dress also made me think of some of the dresses from Big Love!prose5

What has been your favourite right-to-your-wardrobe show at London Fashion Week so far? I’ve enjoyed Giles and Burberry!