London Fashion Week: Street Style Details #1

While some street style photographers are after the whole outfit, I really enjoy shooting the details of accessories and details of peoples outfits, because I think these are the most interesting parts. My favourite place to shoot some of these street style diaries is at Somerset House during London Fashion Week, and this season people have been going crazy over bright colours (not as many pastels as we saw in New York), dip dyed hair, luxe details and fluorescent (and otherwise) Cambridge Satchels! 


I don’t think I actually remembered to say hello to Lily when I bumped into her this morning, I think I just immediately pointed out how awesome it was that her Vitamin Water coordinated with her outfit!


I fell totally in love with this See by Chloe bag the moment I saw it and stood snapping it at different angles for a good minute! I want, but I shudder to think how much it costs!


Because I totally did three circuits of the tent waiting for this girl and her amazing Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve as a clutch, fur gilet and chunky gold watch ensemble to be free from her swarm of street style photographers so I could get a shot of her!


I never really ‘got’ what the big deal was about these Miu Miu heels were until I actually saw them in the flesh, but the curve of the heel and the epic amount of glitter makes for some pretty rad footwear. 



I usually don’t really like turbans, but I thought this one worn by one of the girls assisting Liberty London Girl looked perfect with her wavy blond hair, neutral eyes and bold orange lip. 


What have been your favourite street style trends at London Fashion Week so far?