Blitz Vintage Department Store: Why I No Longer Hate Vintage Shopping

When I wandered off Brick Lane the other day to visit Blitz Vintage Department store I had already decided two things. One, that I was not going to blog about my visit because so many people have blogged about Blitz already, and two that I probably won’t even like or want to buy anything because I really don’t like vintage shops, most vintage clothes or vintage shopping. However, after spending about half an hour in the store those two notions had disappeared right out the window. 

I think the reason I loved this store, while I usually hate vintage stores is because it is all so well curated. Everything is arranged by style, colour, trend, all in different areas and really well spaced out around the store, unlike other vintage stores that tend to be really crowded with stuff, which is I think the main reason why I actually enjoyed shopping there. There are also fitting rooms to try the clothes on, which all vintage stores don’t always have, and everything is clearly priced, something else I loved, because I hate having to ask how much something is or spend ages looking for a price in vintage stores.
I think Blitz really is the place to go to in London if you are looking for vintage cut offs (or jeans or denim jackets as you can see in the firs photo as well). Most of their cut offs are made from vintage Levi’s and as well as having so many different colours, cuts and fits of black and denim styles, they have fashion colour styles as well such as, at the moment bright red and pastel pink (which I picked up a pair of) all at only £20 a pair! I might be going back at some point for a black pair…
Photos from the in store photo booth – something I will be utilising the next time I stop by and I am with friends! Bizarrely, I have never actually taken photos in a photo booth with friends…
There is also a lovely vintage coffee shop in store I would have grabbed something from if I had not made a Starbucks run right before hitting the store!

Blitz Vintage Department store stocks vintage clothing, jewellery, accessories, books and homeware from the 40’s to the 90’s and can be found on Hanbury Street, which is just off of Brick Lane (if you are coming from Liverpool Street and Spitalfields, the road you walk down to get onto Brick Lane, just keep on walking across Brick Lane). They also offer a 10% student discount on trend collections.