A Spot Of Tea With Twinings

For a moment, lets take a moment to do something thoroughly English and sit down to enjoy a nice cup of tea. Though I am not that big on traditional tea per-say, not a single day goes past without either a cup of hot fruit tea, or a glass of peach iced tea made up either from cold water Twinings peach iced tea bags I stockpile because I can only buy in France, or simply a glass of The Berry Company’s Special Tea White Tea with Peach you can pick up in Waitrose. 


As I have been enjoying the white tea with peach so much, when Twinings offered me some of their White Tea with Pomegranate to try, I decided to give it to go and last weekend I sat down in The Miller for a cup of tea between guest changeovers.  


While I still think that I prefer the other teas I listed, this tea was lighter and more delicate than standard tea, and very refreshing, something every hardcore tea drinker should have around the house. 


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