Spring Essentials: The Statement Necklace (Part 2)

Since my last Spring Essentials post on statement necklaces has proven to be so popular, I’ve decided to put together a second instalment of that post, I’ve decided to put together another roundup of statement necklaces to suit all budgets. I originally put together the post to find a necklace to add to my wardrobe as I was wearing my Hobbs one half to death, but now my beautiful neon Forever 21 number I featured in the last post is getting a little tired, I think it is time to add yet another one to my collection! 

statement 22 

Kate Spade ‘Solarium’ Bib Necklace: $348 (approx. £218), Lulu Frost Statement Necklace: £275, Topshop Plate Spiked Collar: £16.50,  Topshop Metal Spike Necklace: £16.50, Kate Spade “Bauble Box’ Bib Necklace: $278 (approx. £175), Erickson Beamon Safari Necklace: £930

I’m usually a massive fan of Kate Spade (I feel a twinge of jealousy every time I see a woman on the tube wielding a Kate Spade handbag, or a photo a blogger has taken of themselves in a mirror on their iPhone and they have that infamous pink, black and white spotted Kate Spade iPhone cover) but I had not really taken the time to look at their new collection until I was putting this post together. I was surprised at how many gorgeous statement necklaces they had in stock, I hope they have some of them in their London stores for me to check out!

statement 21

Tom Binns Painted Swarovski Necklace: £805, Haskell Blue Ribbon Wrapped Necklace: $22.49 (approx. £14), Assad Mounser Spike Necklace: £370, Kate Spade ‘Mullholland’ Bib Necklace: $198 (approx. £124), Tom Binns Cascade Necklace: £1,540, Forever 21 Feather Statement Necklace: £8.90

I know I have featured a lot more expensive necklaces that are less budget friendly than in my last instalment of this post, but I could not help but share these beautiful creations with Swarovski crystals by Tom Binns I found on Net-A-Porter. Anyway, Forever 21 has still come up trumps with a cheap, colourful and cheerful alternative in this funky feathered necklace which I think would look fantastic over a plain grey or neon green tee. 

Where do you like to shop for your costume jewellery? All of mine seems to be coming from Forever 21 at the moment, along with a lot of my Spring/ Summer wardrobe!