Style Inspiration: Los Angeles Style Bloggers

On my laptop, I like to have everything carefully organised, and this even extends even as far as my Bloglovin’ feed which I have categorised by Country, City (if within the UK), and by State for American blogs. Something I have noticed, particularly in the style department my feed is overwhelmingly occupied by Californian blogs, mostly by style bloggers from Los Angeles. I don’t know what it is about the chic, casual and laid back style LA bloggers seemed to have encapsulated, but I really wish I could emulate it! 


Mildly ironic that I’m starting my post on Los Angeles style bloggers with a Londoner, but Ashley from Ring My Bell is living my dream, living in Los Angeles for her acting (those of you who watch Revenge (if you don’t watch Revenge, start!) will recognise her as playing Ashley, the scheming party planner). In spite of her roots, I think she captures laid back and chic LA style perfectly. She also wears Topshop on the red carpet and owns an enviable pair of neon green Louboutins


Julia, who writes Sincerely, Jules has personal style so effortless I’m eternally envious, but it is a style you really can learn from. Just from these photos you can see how she mixes brights and neutrals, or simply just slings her jacket over her shoulders, rolls her sleeves or tucks her shirt to add just that little bit extra to her look. Also, I love how she manages to effortlessly pair Converse with everything from girly skirts to evening dresses – I wish I could pull that look off like she does!


Living in West Hollywood and shooting a vast proportion of her outfit posts on the beach, it is Shea Marie from Cheyenne Meets Chanel who has me truly dreaming of the sunshine state. I love how she pairs wonderful basics from such affordable places (this is the blog to make your Forever 21 shopping list from, for example) into simple but stylish and durable everyday laid back outfits. Also, her outfits posts include other snippet photos from Los Angeles that have made up the main body of my Californication Pinterest board


Out of them all, Liz from Late Afternoon‘s outfits remind me the most of ‘traditional’ style bloggers outfits, but the ways she puts her clothes together is just impressive beyond belief; no wonder she now works as a stylist for Threadscence (remember the one with the kick as Coachella themed lookbook?) I love the way she can be versatile, dressing for anything from a glamorous fashion show to a desert music festival (her outfit on the far right was from Coachella, one of my all time favourites of hers) all with her signature polish.

Do all of your favourite blogs seem to be based all in one city, or do you like reading blogs from all of the world! I have not had any great new blogs to read in ages, so if you have any recommendations I’d love it if you’d leave them in the comments section!