The Summer Sunglasses Shopping Guide (Choosing The Right Shape & Style For You)

Before very recently, at any given time I would only ever own one pair of sunglasses, usually free with Tatler (they do some amazing styles every year with their July issue. I always grab it for the Sunglasses and read the magazine on the journey to France.) As I have started to learn what colours and shapes best suit me I have really been embracing them as an accessory this Summer (as you can see from my ever expanding collection below) they have become an accessory my friends rarely see me without. The lovely team at Breo were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs, which has really helped expand my collection. I love their slick styles, great colours and many, many options. In case you had not noticed from my outfit posts I can’t live without my classic black pair, and I’m now so happy to have a white and aqua version to test drive too! 


Red Frames: c/o Breo, Two Tone White & Aqua Frames c/o Breo, Tortoiseshell Cat Wing Frames: c/o Polaroid, Big Eye Arm Detail Frames: c/o House of Harlow, Two Tone Black & Grey Frames: c/o Breo, Gold Detail Tortoiseshell Frames: Accessorize, Round Tortoiseshell Frames: Tatler (this months edition)

Every girl needs a good pair of classic styled sunglasses to start off her collection. Classic frames in classic colours go with almost everything, so are a fantastic go to pair for every day. The style that suits me best, and I think is one of the most universally suited styles that suits all face shapes except for round are Wayfarer style which are first on my list, either the cult Ray-Ban frames I still want to get my hands on, or versions by other brands like my favoured Breo pair you can get in all hosts of colours for only £20 each. 

Breo Wayfarer Style Sunglasses: £20, Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses: £200, Gucci Square Framed Sunglasses: £210, Ray-Ban Half F`rame Sunglasses: £120

Another style I think suits almost everyone are classic aviators, and I’m going to try and add a pair to my collection next. Also, on the far right, half Wayfarer’s suit people with a thinner or more elongated face, or people who’s personal style errs on the vintage side. Another classic style which suits every face type as long as you choose the right size to match your face and your personality are big round and square ‘Hollywood’ style glasses which look great with more of a luxe look than the other styles would.

Once you have a ‘core’ pair of sunglasses you can start thinking about adding other shapes to your collection. Spawned by this Miu Miu pair cat eyes have become very popular, especially as they suit all face types, again as long as you have the personality to match. My mother is not a fan, but I love my pair the guys at Polaroid hooked me up with


Miu Miu Cat Eye Sunglasses: £225, The Row Square Frame Sunglasses: £240, Prada Round Frame Embellished Arm Sunglasses: £215, Dasha for Illestva Round Frame Sunglasses: £270

I’ve never tried a pair of square frames, but after browsing Pinterest for a while I have discovered that they suit long thin faces really well. I love them, but that in mind I don’t think that it would be a good idea for me to invest in a pair! On the other hand, I really want a pair of these round Prada sunglasses (they are the ones with the wonderfully embellished curly arms) which will suit all but round  face types, as I think that would just be too much roundness! Another classic style that really suits everyone, especially if you have a vintage style are these slightly winged rounded frames from Illestva – they come in lots of different colours and even have neon style too!

Speaking of colours, once you own a classic pair and thought a bit about shapes, you can start thinking of some of the great colour variants that are out there. While you might be tempted to go for colours you think look striking or will go with particular outfits, I would suggest you look at your Summer wardrobe, and look at which colours are the most prevalent, then think what colours would correspond so you can get the most out of your Sunglasses. 


Carven Pink Framed Sunglasses: £235, Thierry Lasry Blue Detail Sunglasses: £250Prada D Frame Striped Sunglasses: £185, Miu Miu Purple Aviators: £130

What are your favourite pair of sunglasses, either that you own or you have put at the top of your wish list?