Weekly Love: Week 106

On Sunday afternoon I arrived back from my lovely French holiday well rested and eager to go again – though it was such an incredible feeling to be without my phone and an internet connection for an entire week! Apart from that, the week has been rather normal aside from what you now know was my interview at the American Embassy in London on Tuesday to get my visa approved for my move to Los Angeles in September! Thank you for all your wonderful and sweet congtatulations messages: they really meant a lot to me. Last night after an afternoon at the beach where I accidentally turned into a lobster I headed back to school for the first time since I left last Summer for what was my favourite event on the school calendar – the sunset jazz concert on the lawn in front of the Cathedral that always kicks off the last week of the school year.

1. The stunning blue sea on a little beach tucked away on Cotes d’Amour in Brittany, Northern France. I adore the ocean, and on every beach we stopped at the part of our coast we had not yet explode I took off my shoes and wandered down to the sea to walk through the spray for a while – and getting hideously sunburnt during the process! | 2. Delicious iced smoothies at Chambers of Canterbury. | 3. Une Eclaire Chocolate et une Flan Apricot from a lovely little patisserie in Antran, a village near us in France. | 4. Chorizo scrambled eggs, pancakes and hash browns from Chambers. | 5. In the seaside town of Cancal, one of my favourite Brittany haunts there is a small fish market at the foot of the pier selling mussels and oysters. The oysters come ready to eat on a tray with half a lemon and people sit on the walls by the oyster beds eating, then discarding the shells and lemons onto the pebble beach so that now there is a mountain of discarded shells and lemons there which is actually pretty amazing once you realise what it is. | 6. Canterbury Cathedral at night.

What have you been enjoying this week? Anyone posted any amazing travel pictures from their Summer holidays yet or any delicious food snaps from around the world I can drool over?