Places To Eat In London: Taqueria, Westbourne Grove

While my favourite thing to eat out is no doubt brunch, coming in at a close second is good Mexican food. This, paired with the fact that Taqueria, the tiny little Mexican cafe I sampled last weekend is in my favourite Notting Hill area Westbourne Grove, I sort of knew I would be onto a winner; and that was before I tasted the food! Also, a side note before I begin: when the bill came we were totally shocked. £30 for soft drinks, two mains, a side and two desserts in London? Please tell me where else, other than The Diner you can get food that tastes as amazing for this sort of price in the city?


One quick tip for decifering the menu: though the ingredients are listed mostly in English, or the flavours of whatever it is, unless you don’t mind being a little adventurous, unless you know a lot about Mexican food or you speak Spanish and you want to know exactly what you’re getting take a Spanish dictionary. 


While I was very tempted by the watermelon mojitos, I was super glad I opted to try the watermelon soft cooler instead. The taste was so refreshing, light and divine, I want them to bottle it and sell it so I can enjoy it every afternoon at home I opt to sit on the patio with a book in the sun. 


Now, I don’t eat peanuts, but I decided to include this photo of the nibbles we were presented with while we pondered the menu as they looked amazing, and I was assured they were amazing too. 


Usually, I’m very good at being decisive and choosing off of the menu, but here there were so many amazing things I wanted to try, my eyes kept of darting around the room to see what other people were eating. Apparently Sherin, my dining partner that day had never seen me looked so panicked in the couple of years she has known me. In the end, I just decided to go for the first tacos listed on the menu, as I realised I’d never actually eaten tacos out in a restaurant before. The delicious combination of marinated pulled pork, onions, coriander and pineapple made me want to eat many, many more of them…


As a side, I went for Mexican fried rice with fried plantain, both of which were divine. I’m a big fan of flavoured rices, and this was perfectly spiced, and the plantain was cooked to perfection. 


Sherin has a mushroom and salsa Tostadas, which is basically a cheese topped tortilla with the filling spooned on top. I ate a large portion of the mushroom and salsa topping as she found it a bit too spicy, and it was mouth wateringly good. I don’t usually think of mushrooms as Mexican food, but the flavours blended perfectly. I need more of that fresh salsa in my life. 


For dessert, we both went for the Churros, which were perfectly crispy and fried before being coated in cinnamon, served with goats milk liquid toffee. I’m used to having my Churros with a chocolate dip, so this made a very welcome and very delicious change. 

I really can’t wait to go back to Taqueria to try so many of the other delicious things on the menu, as well as maybe some of the cocktails too. Where are your favourite Mexican restaurants in London?