Project Mooreo: The Oreo Filled Milka Bar

It is hard to say no when someone offers to send you free chocolate in the post, really. When I was a kid (and okay, now as an adult when I’m feeling naughty) I loved Milka Chocolate. I used to get great big slabs of it in French supermarkets, and every Easter I used to enjoy their mousse filled chocolate eggs that came in a little purple egg box and you ate with a little spoon. Unfortunately, Milka no longer do those eggs, but something which they have just launched and the team at Cybercandy sent me a slab of, is Milka with an Oreo centre.


Milka & Oreo 100g Chocolate Bar: £1.45

While this is a bit sickly and I would not recommend you eat a whole bar by yourself, it is absolutely delicious. I don’t like things like milk or hot chocolate, so I always find Oreos a bit dry and I can only manage one or two at once. However, as a chocolate bar filling they are perfect. Do Milka fancy making a version of this bar with mint Oreos too?


While my family and I have rapidly consumed this bar, while I ate I started plotting. I think I want to get my hands on another bar, because while the center is soft if I put it in the fridge for a while I think it would chop up well and make for some pretty amazing chocolate chip cookies.
Serve with the obligatory glass of milk, and if you are suffering from particular chocolate cravings, a big mug of hot chocolate.

What is your favourite type of foreign chocolate or candy bar?