Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #3

More than writing mine, the thing I love the most about blogging is getting to read other peoples absolutely amazing blogs. I find that blogs are such an inspiration to me, they have got me interested in so many different areas, and I’m pretty sure when I finish university my love for the blogasphere is going to shape how at least my twenties pan out. There are so many blogs on my Bloglovin’ feed, but I thought I’d share ten more of my favourites here with you all today. For more blog reading inspiration you can also go back through Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #1 & #2.

1. Briony at A Girl, A Style

Aussie girl Briony’s London and Cambridge based blog has really quickly become one of my favourites. All her photography is pretty and whimsical, and I use her to find the best spots to buy fresh flowers in London! Also, anyone who follows me on Twitter or has followed this blog for some time will know that the fact she is a political adviser in Westminster by day can only make me like her more. Also, it is nice to know someone is keeping up the style standards in Portcullis House; I remember sitting in the cafeteria in the Atrium one lunch time playing politician bingo (I swear it was only the one time and during the recess, people who work for MP’s and Ministers are hard working people, I promise!) and bemoaning the sheer lack of personal style in our seat of government. 


2. Weronika at Raspberry And Red

What I think is great about blogging, is the ability to connect with and read about people living in different parts of the world. Weronkia is Polish, and I have been following her blog and beautiful photography for a couple of years now, and I love reading about her travels and her few months spent living in different countries and cities, most recently in New York and in Rome. 

Bunches pigtails badges school blazer

3. Lucy at Shiny Thoughts

From the first time I met Lucy, to the last time I spent the day with her a few months ago, I have never seen her not dressed in bright outfits and with a massive smile on her face. Her fantastic mood is infectious, and this extends to her super colourful blog which is perfect as a total mood booster if you’re feeling down. 


4. Nicole at Gary Pepper Vintage

The stunning photos on Nicole’s blog make me want to travel to exotic places, wear beautiful dresses and stalk around in very, very high heels all the time. If you’re into visuals, and blogs who’s photos are more editorial than personal style, why on earth are you not following this Aussie based blog if you’re not already?

5. Connie at K is for Kani

While her personal style is nothing like my own, for some reason I cannot get enough of Connie’s style blog, K is for Kani. Follow her if you like colours, and if you want to come up with inspiring ways to wear what is already in your wardrobe in whole new combinations. 


6. Shini at Park & Cube

I think the reason Shini’s blog is so popular is simply because her photos are stunning. She really makes you feel that you are there with her, be it be in Asia, at a leather factory or in a West London garden center tumbling about with the pots and plants. 


7. Emily at Cupcakes & Cashmere

Cupcakes & Cashmere has become one of my all time favourite blogs because Emily is someone I see a lot of myself in, but a lot of what I aspire to be by the end of my twenties too (I’m even moving to her home city of Los Angeles in a few weeks time). She is one of the main reasons I started to integrate food into my blog, and judging by everyones feedback, it has to be one of the best blogging decisions I’ve ever made. Emily’s blog is perfect for you if you love blogs with a great layout, incredible photography, great recipes and wonderful daytime inspiration and personal style posts. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book, too: it is going to be my housewarming gift to myself in my new apartment!


8. Alix at The Cherry Blossom Girl

There are not many French blogs in my newsfeed (I adore France, it is quite literally my second home, but while I can read French, I am lazy and therefore prefer not to), but I think Alix’s blog has been there the longest. He photographs are stunning and whimsical, and I love how unique all her product features are compared to so many more other blogs out there. Also, her lingerie collection for Etam is to die for!


9. Shea Marie at Cheyenne Meets Chanel

As I’m due to be moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks time, life is all about Califonia Dreamin’ right now! Shea Marie’s blog has been getting me excited about Los Angeles since December, and her classica Californian style and photos around Los Angeles are enough to make anyone hop on a plane to the City of the Angels. 


10. Camille at Camille Over The Rainbow

Camille is one of the few examples of when I’ve met someone, they’ve given me their blog URL and then I’ve fallen in love with their site, rather than making friends through reading their blogs first. I met Camille at a party in North London one evening, and the next day when I checked out her site I could not believe what a talented person I’d met. She’s half English, half French, so her style and her photos really appeal to me, as an English girl who’d honorary second country is France. Her blog has amazing style photos, great fashion features and articles, and you really ought to follow this girl – she’s going places! 

What are your favourite blogs of the moment?