Weekly Love: Week 117

This week I completed my UCLA orientation, and I’m really excited for everything to kick off next week. Aside from that, my week has been pretty chilled, and I’ve been enjoying the free days to really explore Los Angeles, including Santa Monica Beach which was just incredible. I’ve also unintentionally been becoming rather acquainted with the various restaurants, cafes, diners and take away places in my neighbourhood – our oven is broken so I have not been able to make myself anything hot to eat (the best so far has been In-N-Out!)


1. Lookout 15 on Santa Monica Beach. | 2. Three punnets of delicious strawberries for $5 at Westwood  Village Farmers Market (every Thursday afternoon on Broxton Avenue) | 3. An extra special Sunday morning breakfast of prosciutto wrapped melon served with iced tangerine juice from Trader Joe’s. | 4. If you live somewhere hot you need Victoria’s Secret’s Makeup Primer & Setting Spray in your life. | 5. American diner food, breakfast for dinner at Denny’s in Westwood. | 6. The Converse store on 3rd Street (Santa Monica)’s window.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? I’m planning on trying to master the Los Angeles metro and head down to Venice Beach.