What’s In My Handbag: LHR to LAX Edition

Since people seem to love ‘What’s In My Handbag’ posts, what was originally going to be my ‘What To Pack For A Long Haul Flight’ post has become simply a preview of what I have packed in my Hobbs handbag which is acting as my carry on for my flight to LA tomorrow (and anyway, I covered most of it in my post on ‘How To Pack For And Survive A Long Haul Flight‘. I know usually people take bigger bags, but I need to think about what I will need for the whole 10 months, and not pictured but inside the bag I’m going to take a tote bag for my laptop once I’ve through security, as I’m only allowed to carry it in its foam sleeve as it counts as a ‘personal item’ apparently. Also, the fact this was supposed to be a guidance post initially explains why there is an iPad in the photo. I wish it was mine and it was coming on the flight with me, but unfortunatly it belongs to my Mother…


While I won’t have the iPad, as far as entertainment goes I’ve been stockpiling so I’ve got the two most recent issues of my two favourite magazines to read up in the air; Tatler and Nylon. Also, my iPod Nano, as well as all my usual music loaded with a brand new chapter of Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins I have not yet listened to, and about 5 or size each back episodes of The Joy The Baker Podcast and The High Tea Cast I’ve been saving. I also love to catch up on movies while I’m flying, (on the way to San Francisco last year I made my way through Black Swan, The Social Network and Burlesque) as I rarely go to the cinema, so I’ve treated myself to this lovely pair of noise cancelling earphones from Sony

Beauty wise, my hairbrush as I’ve actually got to look recognisable at the other end when my new roommate picks me up from the airport. Then a whole load of mini beauty products because I’ve never had skin so bad as the last time I flew long haul without moisturiser. We have, an EOS sphere lip balm to help combat aeroplane chapped lips, Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum roll on, Clinique All About Eyes eye cream, Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat to bring me to life at the other end, and decanted into airport security friendly stackable jars I have Caudalie’s SOS Serum, my favourite intense moisturiser, L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Shea Butter Face Cream and a little bit of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream which basically solves every problem under the sun. 

Miscellaneous I have a pair of sunglasses as I always wear sunglasses traveling as they hide how tired you are, my Moleskine notebook and a pen for mid flight inspiration (I planned the blog redesign before the most recent one on the way back from the trip to San Francisco I keep banging on about), and a little taste of Britain: Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pigs. Also my passport containing my American visa – better not forget that!

What is an absolute must for you to carry in your bag when you’re traveling?