Outfit Post: Shopping At The Melrose Trading Post, Hollywood

After a lay in and a lazy breakfast on Sunday, my roommate Jenna and I drove up to Hollywood to check out The Melrose Trading Post: the famous flea market held in Fairfax High School parking lot on the corner of Fairfax and Melrose Avenues. They hold it every Sunday, and either if you’re looking for vintage clothing, jewellery, home pieces or furniture and you’re in the LA area you really should go check it out – only $2 entry! 

Melrose Trading Post, Hollywood

When I first got here the prevalence of palm trees, endless blue skies, Beverley Hills in the background and regular sightings of the Hollywood sign made me all happy and excited. I’ve pretty much got used to the iconic scenery around here, but sometimes I look at a photo I have taken like this one and it all rushes back! 

Fresh Pressed Lemonade
Curly Fried Street Food

While whenever anyone from back home asks me what I don’t like about living in Los Angeles, I usually complain about the quality of food you can get in the supermarkets compared to back home in Europe, but one thing I don’t think you’ll ever hear a negative thing about from me is LA food trucks. These deliciously flavoured, epic pile of fresh cut and fried curly fried and a freshly pressed lemonade made up my Sunday lunch. 

Outfit Posts Are Hillarious

Striped Tunic: Gap, Handbag: Hobbs, Nail Polish: Essie ‘Navigate Her’, Watch: Citizen

There is a story behind this simple Gap shift dress. I first fell in love with it in the display in the Gap store at Bluewater back in England, but as it was part of their Summer collection they had sold out of all the small sizes and were not getting any new ones in. I was walking past the Gap store on 3rd Street in Santa Monica only a week or two after I arrived in Los Angeles and I saw it just inside the door – I dashed in, found the last Extra Small and snapped it up on the spot. I’m usually not a tunic person, prefering something with a structured waist, but I love the way this fits, and is nice and simple when I pair with with my trusty Hobbs bag.

It was the first time Jenna had taken my outfit photos, and while I’m pretty used to posing for the camera now, it reminded me of actually how hilarious the concept of doing outfit posts is, shooting these!

Vintage Glasswear

If we had enough room in the kitchen cupboards in our apartment these vintage gold striped glasses would have come home with me – they are so pretty, unique and the perfect type of worn. I think if you went back to somewhere like this every week, you could get your whole home outfitted eventually.

Vintage Soap Boxes

Street Artwork
Shabby Chic Picture Frames
Vintage Costume Jewellery

There are so many different styles, and while I did not find something to suit me among the vintage jewellery pieces, I’m sure next time I go back (I might make it a monthly thing) I will – the quality of the pieces on offer were so much better than any I have ever seen in any vintage or flea market context in London.

Vintage Prints & Photographs
While I am not really a flea market person in London, I had a really great time and had an amazing find (a pair of stunning sliver goblets for $25, expect to see them probably filled with fresh flowers in an upcoming post) at the Trading Post, so do any of my LA readers have any other flea market suggestions I should hit up?