Weekly Love: Week 119

Sorry I have not posted a ‘Weekly Love’ update for a while (though, that does mean you get a bumper edition of snapshot photos!), but now classes have started I’ve taken the last two weeks to really settle into the routine of things here in Los Angeles. I also went shopping, and did and awful lot of cooking and baking, fun, glamorous things, as well as spending hours doing all my reading for classes, making a start on essays, and just generally being hunched over my laptop for hours on end finally making it to the bottom of my unread emails! Now I’ve got a schedule down, I’ve started planning a lot more LA adventures like the ones I enjoyed before classes started, so stay tuned for more posts showing you what this incredible city has to offer! 

1. Finally into Fall/ Autumn dressing – Essie nail polish in ‘Navigate Her’ paired with my trusty Whistles jeans and my totally awesome brand new purple sweater/ jumper from Madewell. | 2. Eating the last of the batch of my M&M Cookies sitting on the wall outside of UCLA’s beautiful Royce Hall. | 3. Another beautiful UCLA lunch spot. | 4. Some cute chevron fabric I found in a store on W. Pico Blvd. – any DIY ideas or suggestions? | 5. Late night sugar rush: Vanilla and Morello Cherry Ice Cream in a Red Velvet Waffle Cone at 10pm from Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills (next to the famous cupcake bakery and 24h cupcake ATM). | 6. A nice big bowl of my Spicy Chili Bean Soup.

At the very end of last week the second installment of my ‘Project LA’ column for The High Tea Cast went online! Click through to read about my first impressions of LA, and what little crazy different things have been really getting to me! I have the next two months already planned, but I’m happy to take topic requests!


7. Beautiful fragrant lilies for our apartment – $1 a stem at Trader Joe’s! | 8. I picked up this adorable, slightly rose gold nail bangle in the new Keene LA store in Westwood (Los Angeles) on Wednesday morning before class – if you’re in the area, I really suggest you go check them out (next to the California Pizza Kitchen) – such a lovely store! | 9. My go to chocolate chip cookie recipe, whipped up for my roommates to come home to! | 10. Sunday night is Downton Abbey time. | 11. My first ever piece of (apple) American Pie at Apple Pan on W. Pico Blvd. | 12. Classic red leather stools in Apple Pan.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what have you got planned for the weekend? Hopefully my roommate and I are going to drive up to Hollywood and check out the famous flea market on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax, and I might head to The Grove in Beverly Hills to do some jeans shopping…