DIY: Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

You know those pretty paper garlands that you see on blogs, on Pinterest and behind Emily Schuman‘s desk in her book Cupcakes & Cashmere? I’ve been wanting to make one for years, so I decided yesterday in between classes to try my hand at making one. I think now I have got the hang of it, I am going to make one for my blue room at my parents house out of Tiffany blue tissue and metallic silver paper, and maybe a festive Christmas coloured one to hang where this one is currently in these photos to brighten the place up a bit in December? 


This garland actually now has its home above my bed, but as Emily and I’s room is rather dark I thought I’d showcase my handiwork for you all on our mantle, along with my lone hydrangea blossom in a mason jar. 


All you need to make one of these yourself is some string or twine, some sticky tape, a pair of scissors and some sheets of tissue or thin metallic paper. One sheet makes one tassel so you need the amount of sheets you would want tassels. I opted for six, but the space above my bed is pretty small, so I’d try about 9?


Fold your paper twice, top to bottom, then left to right. Place the longer folded edge at the top, and the other folded edge to your left. Start cutting 1cm strips from this side, leaving about an inch attached at the top. 


Once you have cut all the strips, carefully unfold the tissue so there is a spine down the middle. Place the bottom of the spine in front of you and tightly roll the spine up into one roll (see below).


Seal the roll with tape and fold it over to form one tassel. Repeat with each piece of your tissue, then hang the loops over about two metres of your string or twine. Attach to the string and stick the loops at even intervals with strips of tape cut down the middle to make them really thin. 


Now, hang your garland somewhere you want to add a little colour or festivity to – let me know what colours you make yours, and I’d love to see any photos of garlands make using this DIY!