Forget The LBD, How To Find The Perfect Little Sparkly Dress

I know everyone is always banging on about finding the perfect Little Black Dress (myself included), but what I think is actually something everyone should be hunting for like crazy and coveting the ultimate of, especially this time of year, is the perfect Little Sparkly Dress. Okay, so it might find some hunting to find the little black dress that fits like a glove, but you’ll always be able to find a good one that you at least look presentable in even with only a few hours notice. However, as much as I really want a nice gold sparkly sequin dress, I don’t think I have yet managed to find a single totally glittery or sequinned dress of any colour that actually fits me and looks good on me to date – it has been bugging me for a while.


Image via Natalie Off Duty

Just look how effortless it looks on Natalie Suarez looks in this stunning gold Disco Pony dress (this style, the ‘Natalie’ dress was actually inspired by her). I want my own sparkly dress to wear under my trench coat on my way to a stylish New Years Eve party this year. Or, you know, to wear any time of the day. I have been witness to my friend Susie wearing this very dress all day one day in London, and she looked fabulous in it!


Louise Gray for Topshop Geometric Zigzag Dress:: £70 / $190, Alice + Olivia Blue Sequin Dress: £480 / $595, Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Striped Sequin Dress: £530 / $680, Topshop Silver Sequinned Skater Dress: £65 / $60

While I wish I could pull off this fabulous electric blue from Alice + Olivia (a brand I think I am falling just that little bit in love with at the moment. I’m still heartbroken over a pair of blue Alice + Olivia shorts in my size but did not fit right last month for $50 in the Cusp sale), but I think the one here that would be mist suited to me is this lovely long sleeved black and cream striped number from Birger Et Mikkelsen. Reglar readers, please stop rolling your eyes at the fact that out of a line up, I’ve yet again gone for the one with cream stripes! 


Oscar De La Renta Black Embellished Dress: £3,565 / $4,290, Oscar De La Rent Burgundy Embellished Dress: £3,735 / $4,490, J.Crew Zigzag Chevron Striped Sequin Dress: £200 / $198, Rachel Gilbert Art Deco Sequin Dress: £885 / $1,275

However, I think the dress in this line up that I would look amazing in and would cherish for ever, never having the need to look for a sequinned dress ever again is this black one from one of my all time favourite designers, Oscar De La Renta. However, it costs £3,565. I could land a book deal and sell millions of copies and sell more books than J.K. Rowling ever did and I still don’t think I’d spend £3,565 on a dress. Just think about it. On a dress. I have been tempted to try on this, much more reasonably priced J.Crew chevron dress every time I see it hanging up in store. J.Crew stores are dangerous places for me.

Finally, because this post is sponsored by Simply Be (as much as I love my blog, I could not afford to keep writing it like I do if some of my posts were not sponsored), I would like to point out if there is a little more of you to love there are some great dresses by Simply Be at the moment, including some with sparkles that I wish did not only come in a plus size so that I would be able to wear them myself! 

Do you already have the perfect Little Sparkly Dress, or will you be hunting one down in time for the party season? 

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