Weekly Love: Week 121

Hello everyone! I feel like I have not blogged much in a while, as lots of the posts you have been reading have been pre-prepared, as I had my first encounter with one of the downsides of spending a year at an American university rather than a British one this year; mid-terms! Don’t you just *love* exams?! I had a pretty chilled Halloween  going out for burgers for my friends 21st and watching TV with my roommates, a television session we repeated to watch the US Election results. It felt very strange to be watching, feeling detached from it all; the last time I watched results come in like that was for the the UK General Election which I’d spent months campaigning in, which really helped me get caught up in the momentum of it all. 


1. These rather spectacular (and very comfortable) new ankle boots I’m modelling on the Santa Monica #2 bus are from J.Crew. | 2. Halloween is for junk food, so we went to grab some pretty great burgers and their epically large portions of fries at 5 Guys. It was a very good burger, but I’m not sure if I love it as much as my beloved In-N-Out? I also tried traditional American Candy Corn – nice, but so sickly after more than one or two pieces! | 3. All of the things I’m going to cook from my brand new Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Considering I’ve dropped a jean size since moving to LA with all the walking I’ve been doing, oh dear… | 4. My first (of what I think will be many) Jamba Juice. Remind me why I waited 3 months to try this LA gem? | 5. Deb from Smitten Kitchen doing a demonstration at her book signing in Beverly Hills. | 6. It has been a fortnight of firsts, this was my first Yogurtland on a hot day as a post mid-term treat. I don’t think I like the yogurt as much as I like Pinkberry, the flavourings are too artificial, but they have good toppings and I like how you serve yourself.

The third edition of my Project LA” column for The High Tea Cast is now online; part one of my talking about my experience of rushing an American Sorority at UCLA at the beginning of the school year! Also, speaking of The High Tea Cast, tickets for their annual charity blow out, Sex, Mugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll in London are on sale for £8 – I really wish I could go, and from what I hear from Sam and Lea it is going to be a really great night – Londoners, don’t miss out! 


7. Homemade meatballs. Just because. | 8. Not a great photo, but a little capture of the incredible view from the rooftop of The London Hotel on the Sunset Strip. It was the first time I’d ever see the whole of Los Angeles spread out in front of me, lit up at night and it was simply magical. I was up there as a guest of HTC for the launch of their new Windows Phone 8X/ their Movember kick off party. The new phone is pretty awesome, I did not get much of a play with it but what I did determine is that it comes in some pretty amazing colours, has a really good, big screen and as a totally awesome camera with some great angles, aspects and effects unlike any camera I have seen on a phone before – well worth consideration if you’re looking into a new phone. I know lots of you may be questioning why I, the self confessed Apple freak is plugging a Windows phone, but I’m not actually a big fan of the iPhone 5, and I can’t stand the Samsung Galaxy – my Dad has one and it irritates me! | 9. Deliciously amazing fries at The Original Farmers Market in Beverly Hills.

What have you been enjoying this week, and what have you got planned for the (extended over Veterans Day if you are in the USA) weekend? I’m hoping to head over to The Grove and The Original Farmers Market at some point, make a start on some of my long essays for university and my friend Katie and I are planning on trying to catch a screening of Skyfall in Santa Monica – I’m so upset it only came out yesterday in the US while everyone back home have already seen it – thank you for not spoiling it for me though, everyone!