Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #4

It has been a while, so I thought I’d treat you all to another edition of my ‘Currently Reading: Blogger Edition’ posts that give you all a little glimpse into what blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying recently. There is a real mix here; from blogs I’ve been reading for years but never really shared, to Los Angeles based blogs that give me more to get excited about in my new home, and British and European blogs that I turn to when I need a little hit of what home is like. If your looking for previous editions, you can  read them here: #1, #2 & #3

1. Natasha at Girl In The Lens

I have been reading Natasha’s blog since about last Spring, and I love her basic but chic outfits (that is real blogger fashion, what we can realistically wear every day, and I applaud it). She also shares the best look books and editorials she stumbles across where I find some amazing new brands, and her boyfriends outfit photo skills are unsurpassable  Also, she has a young adult book coming out next year – how exciting is that!

2. Rumi at Fashion Toast

I know Rumi Neeley’s world famous blog is ‘the’ generic fashion blog to read, and while I would like it if she wrote a bit more, her photos are unique, her aesthetic clean and consistant, and her blog just has that special something that keeps me, along with the rest of the online world totally and inconceivably hooked. 

3. Joy at Joy The Baker

Image via The Everygirl

I think Joy’s hillariously funny blog has to be one of my all time favourite food blogs, and I love listening to the wonderfully funny podcast she puts together with Tracy from Shutterbean every week. I actually had the pleasure of meeting her the other week, and she is just as funny and lovely in person as she comes across online. Also, did I mention that everything I have cooked so far from her cookbook has been delicious?

4. Laetita at Mademoiselle Robot

I think Laetia’s blog was one of the first I came across, but she has really upped her game in the last 6 months. I love her creative outfit posts and brand collaborations. She’s also a Londoner, which is part of my missing home junkie habit with my blog reading at the moment, but my favourite posts of hers are from the inside of hotels, most recently here in Los Angeles, and in Paris where I really want to visit again! 

Duck Chaser 10 small
5. Sarah at Classy Girls Wear Pearls

If I had to only wear clothes out of one other bloggers wardrobe for the rest of my life, I’d choose Sarah Vickers wardrobe, the girl behind one of my new favourite blogs, Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Her personal style is chic, preppy, elegant  and her boyfriend (founder of Kiel James Patrick) takes flawless photos. Her blog is like a constant lifestyle catalogue, and I want everything she wears. I have also started using her blog as a mental J.Crew shopping list. I like knowing how the clothes in their factory store look like on!

6. Julia at Sincerely, Jules

I think I must have mentioned how much I enjoy Jules’ Los Angeles based blog, she always makes me think of sunshine. However, now that I am living here too I find her blog is brilliant for ideas for what to wear. Where in England, you can guess pretty much what will be a weather suitable outfit by just knowing what month it is, here it can be swelteringly hot in the morning, and rather chilly in the afternoons – I have not found getting dressed in the morning so stressful since I finished boarding school where I had a uniform!

7. Aimee at Song Of Style

Aimee’s blog is another one of my Los Angeles wardrobe saviours. Her style is a little less casual (most of the time!) than Julia’s, and she gives me a lovely image of the polished person I wish I was at the moment – my everyday style has become so much more casual than it was in England; all people tend to wear on the UCLA campus are work out clothes and UCLA hoodies and tees; I have compromised with jeans, plain long sleeve tees and a zip up UCLA Bruins hoodie. Sunglasses are also a perquisite living here! 

8. Becky at Life Style Flash

Becky has amazing style, and lots of her brand favourites are a lot like my own (hello Hobbs!). Also, she shoots her outfit photos around London, so her shoots always have a hint of nostalgia to them too. She is also lovely in person and very fun to hang with at blogger events!

9. Bradley at Luella & June

The best thing about Texas based Bradley’s beautiful blog is not her crisp outfits or her lovely end of the week posts, but her fantastic wish list collages. I don’t know how she manages to make things so pretty, and so aesthetic, but I think I want every single thing she has ever features. Her blog design is also pretty perfect.

IMG_7224-00210. Hanne at Beautylovin

Hanne’s blog is a recent find one mine, a beauty blog written between Paris and Oslo in her native Norway, with a lovely mixture of lifestyle posts mixed in. She’s a model with very good taste in beauty products (lots of mid to high end European brands like I favour), but I love her food posts, and little life updates.

What blogs have you been enjoying recently? I always love finding new sites to obsess over, so it would be great if you could leave me some links and recommendations in the comments section!