Weekly Love: Week 124

Just like the moment I walked out of the cinema after seeing Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two, and I realised that now the Harry Potter franchise was truly over, while I was watching the Gossip Girl retrospective they showed on The CW before the last ever episode aired, I realised the end of Gossip Girl meant the end of my Teens. I remember watching the Pilot sitting on my bed at boarding school, aged about 13 or 14, and sitting watching the last ever episode in my first ever apartment really was a milestone. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet, but it is a strange feeling knowing if Chuck and Blair finally end up together, if Serena ever finds true love, and most importantly, who Gossip Girl has been all along! 


1. The beautiful flower arrangements at the new Los Angeles branch of Georgetown Cupcake. | 2. The super sparkly and super awesome bedazzled Kitchen Aid behind the counter at Georgetown Cupcake. Apparently they have one in every branch! | 3. Marvelling at the size of vegetables here; in America, everything comes super sized! | 4. We enjoy festive glitter glue projects in our apartment! | 5. Treating myself to a Jamba Juice to get me through finals week. | 6. Watching old Shakespeare adaptations from the 1930’s by way of study aids.

Housekeeping wise, I want to announce that my best friend Kathryn, rather than just being The Glossy Guide‘s London Editor-At-Large, now writes the blog with me full time so it is our beauty blog now! We now have a joint Twitter account for The Glossy Guide you can follow at @theglossyguide for our updates, and be sure to ‘Like’ The Glossy Guide’s new Facebook Page!

Also, in case you missed them, and you’re still struggling with a few days to go as to what to buy your friends and family for Christmas, I wanted to direct you towards my holiday gift guides for The Bookworm, The Total Foodie, The Londoner, The Globetrotter and my round up of the best Holiday Beauty Gift Sets

Finally, as I have some time over the holidays I’ve been able to sit down and read for pleasure, not just for class, and a few days ago I finished The Forbidden Queen by Anne O’Brien which I have reviewed over at Judging Covers, which I really recommend if you’re into historical fiction. It is out next year, so something to add to your Amazon wish list!

What have you been enjoying this week, and what festivities have you got planned over the next few days? I already have Michael Buble’s Christmas album playing on repeat, and I am stupidly excited to watch Love Actually again on Christmas Eve – it is my personal tradition to watch it every year!