10 London Restaurants and Cafes I Can’t Wait To Eat At

During one of our fortnightly Skype hangouts a few weeks ago, I pointed out to Sherin and Kathryn that when I move back to London at the end of next Summer we are going to have to eat out, a lot, because while I usually fill my list of places to go and eat at to feature in my ‘Places To Eat In London‘ column faster than I cross them off, now I’m out the country it is growing rapidly, and now encompasses over 40 London eateries. As they’re sitting there not doing anything (at least for now), I thought I’d put the list to use and share with you some of the places I’m the most excited about sampling when I return to the city, so you can get in there first and let me know what you think of them! I’d love to hear some of your new favourite London dining spots! 


1. Honest Burgers, Soho

One of the big ones I’ve been hearing about everywhere, and I’ve been absolutely gutted I have not been in the city to swing by since it opened, is Honest Burgers in Soho. It seems to be a new bloggers favourite  but aside from that, don’t their burgers look absolutely divine. They may be fast food versions, but living within walking distance from a In-N-Out and a Five Guys has really turned me into a burger person!


2. Pizza East, Notting Hill, Kentish Town & Shoreditch

Another one which has been making the rounds since they opened their Notting Hill branch, but I’d actually meant to swing by the Shoreditch location before I left but did not get around to it, is Pizza East. There restaurants look like an interior designers dream, their pizzas look perfectly cooked and delicious, and they are easily accessible for me, as my favourite stomping ground is Notting Hill and I will be returning to university in East London next September. As anyone already eaten there? 


3. Electric Diner, Notting Hill

While in my heart nothing will replace The Diner as my favourite American style Diner in London, I’ve heard so much about the newly re-launched Electric Diner in Notting Hill I think it will be amiss if I do not pay it a visit. The decor, as you can see above looks fantastic, and the menu claims to be ‘French American’, which feels absolutely perfect for me, because when I’m in the kitchen myself lots of my influences are from the two countries I’ve lived and cooked in aside from Britain; France and America!

4. Duck & Waffle, Bishopsgate

While the food in Duck & Waffle has actually had some mixed reviews (it has been praised on the blogs, but I remember when it first opened a not so flattering review from a critic I trust, so at a guess I think it might have been Giles Coran in The Sunday Times), I’m more excited about their cocktail menu and their location; at the top of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, and therefore boasting almost unparalleled views of the city of London. I will be making an evening reservation for this one!


5. The Fat Of The Land, Marylebone

I think the main reason I want to eat at The Fat Of The Land in Marylebone, aside from the Spanish cuisine (I don’t yet have a go to Spanish restaurant I enjoy in London), is because of these amazing photos I’ve seen of the interiors of the restaurant  For me, the decor in an eatery is almost as important as the food, and even more important than the cocktail menu (yes, I really did just say a restaurants decor is more important than what drinks they have to offer). It is no accident that my favourite part of almost every episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA I’ve ever seen is the bit when their restaurant is totally redesigned. 


6. Polpo, Covent Garden

Polpo was actually one of the very first places on the list when I first created it, and I still don’t understand why I have not taken the time to visit this seafood heavy Venetian restaurant in Covent Garden, though I’ve walked past it enough. Maybe because I could not think who to ask to go with me? I really don’t know what makes food typically Venetian  but I adore almost everything that comes out of the ocean, so I really want to find out. Also, they have a cookbook out that seems popular which I’d love to get if I enjoy my meal; the original Ottolenghi’s book was a Christmas present and is waiting for me to delve into back in England! 


7. The Drift, Bishopsgate

When I was putting together this post I found The Drift on my list, but I actually can’t remember how it got here, but I’m now very excited at eating there, from looking at their website! All the food looks really fresh, delicious and seafood orientated, which is right up my street – how amazing does this bowl of mussels and clams look?! I also like the idea that they market it as a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city (bliss)!


8. Cocomaya, Marble Arch

I stumbled Cocomaya, this amazing looking chocolatier and artisan baker in Marble Arch a few weeks ago on Pinterest, and I can’t believe I never knew about it the last time I was living in the city; I’m just simply itching to visit and sample their wares for afternoon tea after spending an afternoon in my spiritual home; otherwise known to the masses as Selfridges. Just click through to this link and look at that food; not try to tell me that your mouth is not watering, and if you live in London you’re not already planning your visit?

9. Mishkins, Soho

Another one that has been on my list for rather a long time, Mishkins is a Jewish Diner in Soho that has had rave reviews and been stupidly popular, and while at first I avoided going because I knew how busy it was bound to be, I think in June it will have quietened down sufficiently for me to be able to enjoy a nice meal there, even if they don’t have Big Apple Hot Dogs on the menu there, and I still have to treck to Old Gate for one. Anyway, their cocktail list looks impressive and old school.

10. Aubane, Kensington

While chain restaurants are not really my cup of tea (except for Byron Burgers, have you ever tasted their courgette fries? To die for), I’ve been wanting to visit one of French bistro and patisserie Aubane’s seven London locations and ever time I peek into the one in Selfridges (it is located handily near Jimmy Choo up by the shoe lounges) the food has looked excellent  and I’ve heard the atmosphere is especially lovely in their Kensington branch. 

All images in this post are from the restaurants websites, and have made me want to become some of these restaurants in house photographer. Where in London are you the most excited to eat next?