Gift Guide: Be Your Own Valentine 2013

Last year everyone seemed to enjoy my ‘Be Your Own Valentine‘ gift guide, because lets face it, every time we leave the house in the month of February (especially so in America I have realised) you have the blatant commercialism of the ‘holiday’ shoved in your face, but not all of us have someone to buy us gifts (remind me why we do that again?) So, why not take February 14th as an excuse to treat yourself something pink and pretty? We might as well get something as an award for sitting through it all, after all, don’t you think? (Alternatively, if you’re a fan of country/ pop music hybrids (think Taylor Swift) and you happen to watch Nashville on ABC, you could just play ‘Wrong Song’ very loudly on repeat as a screw you to every guy who’s ever screwed you over. I totally have it playing in the background as I write this post!)

The Impossible Collection of Fashion by Valerie Steele: $650, Benefit Posie Tint: £24.50 / $29, Diane Von Fustenburg Pink Pattern Scarf: £136 / $250, Sephora Ombre Seamless Hair Ties: $8, Marc Jacobs USB Keyring: £35 / $42, Miu Miu Pink Glitter Frame Sunglasses: £225 / $390, Hotel Chocolat Pink Collection: £25, Diptyque Rose Duet Limited Edition Candle: £42 / $65

While everything I’ve included in this roundup is pink and awesome, if money was no object and I could treat myself to any three items here, it would be the Diptyque candle, the Miu Miu sunglasses and the Hotel Chocolat collection. Hotel Chocolat goodies are always a no brainer for me, but this one includes two of my all time favourite things; Hotel Chocolat’s Pink Champagne Truffles, and champagne itself! For only £25, how is this not the perfect way to treat yourself?

The Diptyque ‘Rose Duet’ candle is a limited edition, and it is a blend of Diptyque’s two existing rose candle scents, making this the ultimate blend for the ultimate rose lover. I’m still regretting not buying myself one of their festive pine limited edition candles at Christmas. As for the Miu Miu’s, which something that pink and glittery is not something I would usually wear or pick out for myself, I’ve always loved the style ever since it came out, and I think they would be perfect for those days when you just want to give into whimsy. Actually, the Marc Jacob’s USB came in at a close third for me; as adorable as it is, I’m still totally in love with my Tiffany blue Tiffany & Co. USB – a press exclusive for anyone lucky enough to be invited to one of their events!

Will you be treating yourself to anything this Valentines Day? (Alternatively, you could just leave your laptop open on this blog post while your significant other is around, and hope that they take the hint!)