Happy 4th Blog Birthday To Rachel Phipps!

I can hardly believe it, but today marks this blogs 4th birthday – almost done being a teenager and only one year off of being a total grown up, by internet standards! Just to say a little thank you, after my morning Politics class yesterday I headed down to Santa Monica beach to record a little message for you all, marking this momentous occasion and thanking you all for sticking by me and engaging with this blog over the last few years; this blog has given me some amazing experiences afforded me some great opportunities and most important given me some of the most amazing friends I could ask for in the blogging community.

As a quick disclaimer, while I wanted to show you all the beach and I thought it would be a fantastic place to shoot the video, I want to apologise to the majority of my readers who I know are based back in England who I know are dealing with typically cold, wet and slushy January weather for rubbing it in your nose a bit the beautifully hot sunny days I’ve been enjoying here in LA. I promise I’ll shoot next years video in a snowdrift!


(If you happened to be on Santa Monica beach around 2pm right by the pier yesterday and you were wondering who the lunatic was messing around in the spray, moving up the beach, drawing in the sand, lugging a massive camera and getting the bottoms of her Levi’s soaking wet, here is your explanation as to what the crazy woman was doing!) Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who as every read my blog, left a comment, let me know what you’ve thought via Twitter, Facebook and via email. Your messages and feedback never fail to make my day, and here is to another year!