Weekly Love: Week 127

I’m usually not big on reality television. Okay, so along with the rest of Britain I used to occasionally watch The X Factor but not really anymore. I had a brief flirtation with The Voice USA (don’t get me started on the UK version) as I liked the format, but apart from that, and my guilty pleasure for some food reality shows like Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares USA, until now there has not been a gameshow format reality TV show I’ve been absolutely obsessed with. Hands up American readers who have been watching ABC’s The Taste? It is basically The Voice but for cooks, and Nigella Lawson is a judge (now, she knows how to do reality TV with class.) If you are at all interested in food, I have your Tuesday night viewing sorted. The Taste is what is new with me this week, everything else has just been classes, oh, and of course this blogs 4th birthday – I said it last week, but thank you all for reading, I would be nowhere without you all!


1. Looking out on Santa Monica from the top of the pier. | 2. A warm Belgium waffle with fresh fruit; a Sunday morning brunch at Le Pain Quotidien. | 3. The obligatory upwards Instagram shot taken at Chris Burden’s ‘Urban Light’ installation every time I visit the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. | 4.  A Saturday morning brunch at my new favourite LA brunch spot; The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. A full blog post write up to follow, but if you happen to be there for brunch before then and you’re wondering what I had; I can really recommend the ‘Egg In A Basket’ French Toast served with bacon, and a ‘Petite Mary’ celery and citrus salt martini. | 5. Showing off my new Toms on Abbot Kinney after brunch; I’m wearing a navy and mint striped top from Gap, J.Crew shorts, navy blue Toms and my bag was a gift from the guys at Dorothy Perkins when I visited their HQ on Oxford Street at the beginning of last Summer. | 6. My new favourite Pinkeberry USA flavour; Passion Fruit.

Over the summer, Refinery 29 (quite literally my favourite fashion and lifestyle website on the planet) wrote a piece on CC creams, and I commented on the post what if Chanel were even going to be making one, I might try it then. In the comments that ensued I was called a beauty snob, and a big debate arose on what it says about you if you buy designer or drugstore beauty products. At the time, I wrote a response and debate piece on The Glossy Guide entitled ‘How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Makeup & Beauty Products‘, but now Refinery 29 has written a piece asking ‘Does Liking A Luxury Beauty Brand Make You A Beauty Snob?‘, sparked by my initial comments, which lays down an interesting debate, and has some great discussion and insights going on in the comment section – I urge you to go take a look! Also, another month means another one of my ‘Project LA’ columns for The High Tea Cast has gone on line; this month I’ve written a piece on British and American comedy, and why we’ll never really understand each others jokes!


7. Venice Beach Boardwalk on a sunny Saturday afternoon. | 8. Strolling through the spray up the beach from Venice to Santa Monica. | 9. This is how fresh produce is displayed in Southern Californian supermarkets. The vegetables are regularly sprayed with water, too. | 10. I sometimes wish I could buy the entire J.Crew store. | 11. Coordinating my nail polish with my finger brace after a little incident – on the mend now, though! | 12. Sand play on Santa Monica Beach.

How many of you have started using new super app ‘Vine’? I really like it, but it annoys me that it is still a bit glitchy; I film video clips but the uploads fail. For those of you who don’t know, Vine is a new app which is the Instagram of the video world, allowing you to put together and share little video clips. I think it is going to be great for things like fashion week coverage and little cooking tip clips. You can find me by searching ‘Rachel Phipps’ – I’ve got loads of content planned for it, so stay tuned! 

What have you been enjoying this week, and what have you got planned for the weekend?