Weekly Love: Week 128

Yes, I am fully aware that the only picture in the first six shots in this post that is not of or related to food is a shot of Santa Monica Pier and the surrounding beach. I’m also aware that if I am to be perfectly honest with you all that shot is sort of about food too. I used my (I think it is 2 miles) walk from Venice boardwalk to Santa Monica Pier (it is one of my favourites to do on a hot weekend) to think about up coming food related projects for the blog, and other ideas for more ways I can squeeze food into my content. When I started this blog four years ago there was no doubt it was a fashion blog, and while I still love to ohh and ahh at pretty dresses, cover fashion week and put together outfit posts. I am fully aware that I now write a food blog, just with the other stuff thrown in, rather than the food being thrown into a fashion blog as has become the new fashion. I’m happy I decided to move to this incredible city for the last few months of my teens and the first few of my twenties as it has helped me realise what direction I want to go in next. 


1. Santa Monica Pier on a gloriously warm and sunny Friday afternoon. I love you, Los Angeles. | 2. Upholding my Shrove Tuesday tradition with real pancakes (crepes) for lunch, not those things America *thinks* are pancakes served with wedges of fresh lemon (it is a crime to put the horrible bottled Jiff stuff that should ever have been invented on pancakes) and granulated sugar. As I’m apparently a grown up now (who knew?) this year the sugar had a delicious addition of fresh thyme leaves, the idea courtesy of Emma at Poires au Chocolat, one of my favourite British food blogs. | 3. On Saturday in Beverly Hills I had one of the best culinary experiences of my entire life, and all I actually ate was a spoonful of (mouthwatering) scrambled eggs. French, LA based chef Ludo Lefebvre (yes, the one from The Taste but to only credit him with that is frankly an insult) who is the guy we have to thank for pop up restaurants gave a mini cooking lesson to the 30 or so of us at his book signing for his new book, Ludo Bites. You only need to read a couple of recipes in it to know the man is a genius, but to be able to have someone so creative with food, so skilled and so highly trained put together a couple of dishes in front of you, and to be able to ask questions is a simply magical experience. | 4. Loving how it is now hot enough here to have lunch and work out on the balcony. | 5. Weeknight recipe experimentation. The poached cod and tomatoes were a bust, but look out for a recipe for the greens soon! | 6. Lemon sorbet from Joan’s on Third. It is pretty great, but not as good as my mothers homemade version!

A little bit of content from over at The Glossy Guide: I get a lot of questions about my skincare routine, so last week I put together a full and comprehensive post over there about what products I like to use every day, or once or twice a week. Also, I know quite a lot of you enjoy my roundups from the London Press days so you can see what collections are going to be on the British high street in the coming season. While I can hardly attend and put these together from Los Angeles, my partner in crime Kathryn has done a little roundup of her picks from the coming shopping season which I recommend you all head over and check out instead!

Returning to food for a moment, I think it must be something to do with my age that I’d never actually read a book by iconic British culinary writer Nigel Slater. I’ve been reading Eating For England, a wonderful diary style book on our great nations various food habits and fancies and his wonderful prose, seductive way of writing about food and hilarious anecdotes have me absolutely entranced. I’ve reviewed the book over at Judging Covers, and I have another of his books; Toast lined up to read next.


7. If you’re in LA and you need a ‘trim’ I’d recommend Amanda at Trim on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice; she worked her magic on her hair and it is now in much better condition than it was before! | 8.  Feeding my TLT Food addiction with takeaway super spicy chicken wings (they were so hot they sensitised the inside of my mouth!) and bacon/ pork sliders. | 9. While most bloggers have their heels and their handbags, while I don’t wear it in outfit posts I thought I’d give you a little snapshot of how I’m dressed most of the time; in the kitchen wearing stripes and a Cath Kidston apron!

Finally, a little peek behind into the total madness that is Team Tea, the wonderful and amazing team behind The High Tea Cast, which I am so honoured and thankful to be a part of. Lots of our more mad ideas come from our team Facebook page (which we honestly mostly use to share amusing cat pictures) and the random conversation snippets that bloom there. A thread that started with us deciding which Hogwarts houses we could have been sorted in if we’d attended Hogwarts somehow ended with my volunteering to write an alternative ending to the Harry Potter books. I must be mad, but here you are! Enjoy (and please don’t shoot me!)

What have you been enjoying this week, and what do you have planned for the weekend? It is set to be another beautiful weekend here in Los Angeles so I might go for another walk along the beach and hang around the beauty counters in Bloomingdales and Nordstrom on 3rd Street Santa Monica; I’m getting to the end of my Body Shop Bronzer and while I do love it the compact gets very chipped in my makeup bag which has been irritating me!