Places To Eat In Los Angeles: Axe, Abbot Kinney Boulevard [Now Closed]

I have started to feel that the place to go for brunch on a weekend morning is Venice’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard. If you fancy something sweet and delicious served with a both imaginative and potent cocktail, head to The Tasting Kitchen. If you fancy a delicious cream cheese bagel with your choice of salmon and a fresh pressed juice served in a mason jar you can’t go wrong at Local 1205. If you fancy something fresh, local and fully of bright colours served with a nice chilled glass of rose or champagne I’d recommend Gjelina, but if you want something warm, delicious, seasonal and with a nice chilled atmosphere; you need to try brunch at Axe.
I have learnt that restaurants that have good, strong and consistant branding have better food; it shows care has been put into planning the restaurant and the experience for the diners, and it would be stupid for an owner to do all of that, and then not care about the food that is being served there.

While I’m  not usually one to care about celebrity sightings, I do get lots of people asking me if I see any famous people around and about in Los Angeles. I did not realise this when I took the photo, not until I was seating on the other side of the room and saw his face the guy in the blue shirt is the actor Adrian Grenier (Vince in Entourage, Nate in The Devil Wears Prada) for anyone who is interested.

The moment I walked in the door and saw people brunching from big delicious bowls of soup I know I had to have one. After a lot of deliberation over which one I should have (the chicken sounded good, as did the sausage, lentil and fennel) I settled on the special; a vegetable soup bowl made with braised greens and topped with a poached egg and some delicious chilli oil. It was hot, delicious, filling and had the perfect bowl of flavours. I’m rather upset it was the special, as that means I can’t go back and have it again. I know that soup does not seem the obvious brunch choice, but served with a couple of hunks of crusty bread, it was perfect.
Evie, as always had the granola. She informs me it had a delicious flavour due to the addition of different seeds, and it was served with a nice and tart natural yogurt and a divine honey, both of which I sampled.
Axe is great if you are on Abbot Kinney and you are looking for something a bit different for brunch, I think. Their salads also looked good and their pancakes are for people who like things made with many, many grains!