Weekly Love: Week 131

So, on Monday I started my final quarter at UCLA, and also realised that in only 11 weeks time I will be boarding a flight at LAX back to London; I can’t believe how fast time has flown! Some of you ask me what my daily routine is like, and during term time all the time I’m not in classes I tend to be in front of my laptop working on the blog and work stuff, except for Fridays which is usually my Los Angeles exploration day, and Sunday mornings when I get up to go get groceries. I try to get all my school work for the coming week nuked over the weekend as well, as I am totally useless at doing any sort of work after about 6pm. The evenings are for reading the paper and watching TV. This week I’ve been really getting into Game Of Thrones. Why have I never watched it before? So glad I have two whole seasons to work through!


1. Smoothies from Joan’s on Third while walking down West 3rd Street on a Sunday afternoon after brunch. | 2. A late Monday morning breakfast/ lunch at Toast. I can’t get enough of their burgers and sweet potato fries. | 3.  Santa Monica sunsets through the bus window. | 4. Checking out the new season collections in Bloomingdales. I adore this Marc Jacobs bag. | 5. J.Crew always have the most stylish shop mannequins. | 6. New kitchen tip I have worked out for fresh cut herbs; make them last longer buy sitting them in the fridge or on the counter in a glass of water. Mine used to be dead in a few days, but I’ve been working with this bunch of Italian flat leaf parsley for over a week now!

As for house keeping this week there are two things I wish to bring to your attention. Firstly, another month means another of my ‘Project LA’ columns for The High Tea Cast has gone live. This month I am talking about the academic differences and the differences in classes studying in California, as opposed to London. Secondly, first went Google Reader, now we have to say R.I.P to another blog reader Hello Cotton (well, their English version at least, their French site is still going strong) who are shuttering. As for alternatives of where to follow your favourite blogs, I would recommend Bloglovin’ which I personally adore, but I have laid out all your new subscription options for all blogs, not just my own in this blog post.


7. The one bright point of a rather disappointing brunch at Little Next Door on West 3rd Street in West Hollywood was this cute sign by the patisserie case. | 8. The bright pink wrapping and sweet note from Team Birchbox really made me smile at the beginning of term; can anyone guess what they sent me to review on The Glossy Guide? | 9. Editing photos from this outfit post while watching TV and browsing Bloglovin’ on my iPad. | 10. Channeling Paul Hollywood with the vast amounts of homemade bread I have been making recently. | 11. Easter treats picked up at Joan’s on Third. | 12. My best friend knows me so well, that sending me a package of various flavours of Hotel Chocolat’s champagne truffles (among other goodies) is the quickest way to my heart!

What have you been enjoying this week, and what have you got planned for the weekend? I have not made my plans yet, but aside from getting ahead on my reading I am feeling that a trip to the beach or going on a food truck hunt might be in order!