Blog Update: Rachel Phipps Is Now On Tumblr

Just a short post with a little note for all Rachel Phipps readers who use Tumblr, this blog (and by extension me) now has its own Tumblr page which you can find at I’ve actually had a Tumblr account for years; I used to use it for pretty picture inspiration before Pinterest was born and I lost interest in Tumblr. However, recently I’ve got back into Tumblr recently as a place to share highlights from some of my other social media channels as well as snippets that don’t really belong elsewhere.


This Tumblr blog is basically going to be my digital stream of consciousness  I’m reading an interesting magazine or news article on my iPad that I think you guys will enjoy? I’ll upload it. The same goes for amusing gifs and memes I stumble across, inspirational quotes, shopping items I’ve particularly been craving and other non-Pinnable graphics. Also, because I am aware that my Instagram feed is only really something iPhone or Android readers can enjoy not it is not so seamlessly synced with Twitter, so I will be posting my Instagrams to my Tumblr feed too. 

Finally, and probably the most importantly I have opened up the ‘Ask Me Anything’ Tumblr tab on this blog and I will be sure to keep up on answering reader questions submitted via that section on the Tumblr blog. I’ll also be taking blog post subject and recipe post requests through that section too.

So, to round up, you can subscribe to my new Tumblr page by clicking here. Also, I’m looking for some great accounts to follow, so be sure to leave a link to your own Tumblr pages in the comments section!