Currently Reading: Blogger Edition #5

It has been a while, (I wrote those words then looked back and realised that is exactly how I opened my last ‘Currently Reading’ post, too!) so I thought today I’d post the 5th instalment of one of the most popular features on my blog ‘Currently Reading: Blogger Edition’ where I share some of the blogs I have particularly been enjoying over recent months. You can find a list of my all time favourite blogs on my ‘Blogs I Read‘ page, and you can catch up with the last four instalments of this series by clicking through: #1, #2, #3, #4.


1. Sarah at A House In The Hills

I’ve recently started to really love Sarah’s blog (though I think I have been reading it for quite some time) as she really manages to embody LA and Southern Californian living; something that living in Los Angeles over the last 8 months has become part of my lifestyle and I hope to hold onto when I move back to London. Her outfits are bright and well styled, her recipes super healthy and delicous looking, and her photography flawless. You also get a real sense of who Sarah is behind the blog while reading, something I find important in a good blog. 


2. Emily (& co.) at Into The Gloss

I know Into The Gloss is practically everyone’s beauty read if you are into beauty blogs or not, but recently I’ve been enjoying the intelligent beauty pieces put together by Emily and her team, as well as their brilliant, but by blog standard fairly candid photos. If you some error of fate Into The Gloss is not yet on your radar, I urge you to check it out! A favourite of mine is their ‘Top Shelf’ column featuring creative insiders beauty cabinets. 


3. Katie at What Katie Ate

I know Aussie based food and food photography blog What Katie Ate is the ‘it’ food blog to read, but I felt I would be amiss if I did not give it a mention here. I’ve started cooking things out of her book recently, and everything from there is so delicious and breathtakingly photographed. I also have so many showstopper recipes bookmarked for Summer including this twist on the classic Victoria Sponge Cake with balsamic strawberries and limoncello. Doesn’t that just sound absolutly incredible?


4. Shini at Park & Cube

Every single time Shini posts a new post on her fashion centric, London based blog I get blown over by the beautiful photography and styling. However, what I really enjoy about her posts are the somethings witty, mostly bloody hilarious commentary at the bottom of the post after all the pretty pictures. Follow her for London photo porn and the find some of the cooler haunts in the city; is it bad I’ve spend so much time there I can tell from the background in this photo exactly where she is standing on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill? One of my absolute favourite roads in London, home to some of my favourite shops and restaurants! 


5. Elsie & Emma at A Beautiful Mess

Believe it or not, I only started reading A Beautiful Mess quite recently, and I can’t believe I have been missing out on all of Emma & Elsie’s fantastic recipe and DIY posts over the last few years. They are a must visit if you are after super easy and simple supper and mouthwatering twists on traditional tipples and cocktails.


6. Emma at Poires au Chocolat

I have been reading Emma’s food blog for quite a few months now, and I think it has to be my favourite British baking blog. I love the way she writes, her classic but still inventive recipes, beautiful but still simple food photography and the little skills I pick up from reading and doing from her posts that she picked up training in all things sweet at Le Cordon Bleu. You’ll also find the odd taste test and history of food lesson on Emma’s blog too, which makes it all the more wonderful. If you are not already reading Poires au Chocolat, you need to be!


7. Yara at This Chick’s Got Style

I think I have been reading European Elle editor Yara’s blog for quite a few years. It does not really fit the formula of blogs I enjoy to read; it is a fashion snapshot blog set in a city I’m not really interested in, but there is something about her way of presenting herself and her style which keeps me clicking through for every new post. I feel this is a must read for people who like personal style blogs that are about more than just pictures.


8. Carin at Paris In Four Months

Most of the links to stunning Paris photo porn I include in my ‘Weekly Love’ posts comes from Carin’s blog. Sometimes her posts are just pictures of her wanderings through the streets of the city, and sometimes they are about her trips to museums and galleries. Her ‘Weekend Reading’ roundup of the weeks link posts are fantastically curated, and her photos from inside various Parisian patisseries have me drooling at my screen most weekends. If you are planning a trip to Paris, bookmark her blog to help you plan your trip. 


9. Harriet at Where Is Harriet?

Harriet’s blog is very personal to her, and I think the way she presents things like the pie she made for dinner the night before, or what she wore on her day off are fantastic. I think Harriet’s blog was one of the first I ever read, and I can promise you that you’ll always find something good to read there; she has always been consistant. One of the posts I look forward to the most in my week is her ‘Lazy Sunday Links’ where I always find great new sites to browse. 


10. Kristabel at I Want You To Know

I’ve been reading Kristabel’s blog for years, even before I met her in person on the London blogger circuit (and bumping into her outside the Tate Modern), but recently she has really, really upped her game. Not only does she have a beautiful new blog design that really captures the spirit of her site, but her photos and commentary on fashion and general style are unique and insightful. Fashion with a brain.

What blogs have you been particularly enjoying recently? I’ve love to see some of your picks in the comment section!